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You can now use your digital vaccine pass to check in on Lufthansa Flight

Lufthansa will now allow its passengers a covid-19 vaccination certificate for check-in and if you are flying on this airline then you can use this digital certificate as proof and board-in. You need to download the certificate on the phone and present it during check-in. Meanwhile, Germany has started to issue QR code for vaccinated passengers for ease of travel in the coming days.

A statement from Lufthansa read,  “This eliminates the need to juggle different papers and proofs. It also significantly reduces the risk of misuse of fake vaccination certificates.”

Passengers can now even contact the customer service centre and check if they have the required documents 72 hours before the departure where they can enquire about Negative RT-PCR test results, recovery from the virus and also regarding vaccinations etc. The airline recommends passengers carry original printed vaccine certificate with them during their journey.

The European Union has eased travel for fully vaccinated people and has allowed travel between nations freely this means that the fully vaccinated travellers can ignore the mandatory tests and quarantine and recently, the EU broadened the list of EU regions where one is eligible for travel.

Countries are now admitting fully vaccinated travellers and vaccination is of utmost importance if one needs to travel. However, some countries still require negative RT-PCR test results but for such travellers, all previous rules still apply.

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