Would you like to stay in these Coolest Tree-House Hotels ?

You would like to stay in the middle of nature, but camping is too uncomfortable for you? You value adventure and are not afraid of heights? Then you should definitely read on because I have selected the five coolest treehouse hotels in the world for you. Experience an unforgettable holiday high up in the treetops!

  1. Tarangire Treetops Lodge (Tanzania)Pic Credits :

If a safari in the heart of Africa is not exceptional and spectacular enough, you can crown your trip with an overnight stay at Tarangire Treetops Lodge. This tree house hotel is located in the north of Tanzania in the middle of the eponymous Tarangire National Park. At 2850 km² elephants, zebras, antelopes, buffaloes and many other species are at home here and can be admired on a safari. The landscape of the national park is characterized by tree savannahs, wetlands, and baobabs. High up in these famous giant trees – in this country also known as baobab trees – is also the accommodation.

You do not have to compromise on comfort in the 28 rooms of the Baumhaushotel. Each room has a private bathroom and a private veranda. From there you have a spectacular view over the Tarangire Sand River. The complex also has a restaurant, bar, library and swimming pool. But beware; this is also used by elephants as a waterhole. However, you should not spend too much time inside the lodge, as there are plenty of wilderness adventures waiting for you! In addition to game drives during the day and at night, guided foot safaris are offered. The hotel also organizes romantic bush dinners, camping tours, mountain bike tours and excursions to Maasai villages.
2. Baumhaushotel Seemühle (Germany)

But why wander into the distance, when the good is so close? So how about Gräfendorf instead of Tanzania? In the Main-Spessart area, the tree house hotel Seemühle with its six tree houses is situated in the middle of a 300-year-old oak and beech forest. The extraordinary thing here is that the houses 12 meters high are not just standing on stilts, but are actually carried by the trees. Although you stay in the middle of nature, nothing reminds us of uncomfortable camping. All tree houses have fully functional bathrooms, heating, and Wi-Fi. From the comfortable beds, you also have an unobstructed view of the treetops and the starry sky.

The area in the middle of the Spessart is ideal for long hiking or biking tours. After the excursion, you can relax in the historic and newly renovated Seemühle. There is provided in the breakfast room and the beer garden for the physical well-being. If you want to relax, find a few steps further right on small Mühlensee an old shepherd’s car, which was converted into a sauna.

Pic Credits :

MacroTraveller recommends the Baumhaushotel Seemühle to all nature lovers and adventurers.

  1. Topo’s Tree House (Costa Rica)Pic Credits :

In the middle of the Caribbean paradise, hidden in the treetops of the rubber trees, lies the Topo’s Tree House. Here you are actually in the middle of nature, as the trees grow right through the rooms. There are a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a terrace. However, you may have to share them with a sloth living in the trees. On the rooftop terrace of the hotel, you can enjoy your breakfast with a unique view over the tropical forests. With a little luck, a toucan will fly by.

The property is located in the small town of Cahuita, which only bothers with a Caribbean flair. On the palm-fringed beaches just two minutes’ walk from Topo’s Tree House, you can sunbathe and listen to the reggae sounds of the beach bars or enjoy typical local fare in one of the many small restaurants in the village.

Just 1.3 km from the Tree House Hotel is the Cahuita National Park – an absolute must for all Costa Rican vacationers! The national park offers its visitors on a relatively small area large biodiversity with impressive flora and fauna. An approximately 7 km long path leads you right along the beach through coconut palms, mangroves, and swamps. Along the trail, you may be lucky enough to see toucans, parrots, monkeys, raccoons, coatis, and sloths. Think of binoculars, cameras and bathing suits! The white sandy beaches along the way are among the most beautiful in Costa Rica and are also ideal for snorkeling and surfing.

  1. Rock and Treehouse Resort (Thailand)Pic Credits : Located close to the Khao Sok National Park, the Rock and Tree House Hotel and Treehouse Resort offers a unique jungle setting! Monkeys and turtles right outside the door included! The nine tree houses were completed in 2013 and are therefore very modern equipped. You can choose between three different room categories, depending on how much luxury you desire. However, the entire complex invites you to relax, also due to the excellent service of the hotel staff, which is highly praised by the guests.

The Khao Sok National Park is one of the largest and oldest national park in Southeast Asia and with its evergreen rainforest, cliffs and impressive limestone cliffs, caves, waterfalls, and lakes truly spectacular scenery. Here you can go on a jungle tour, go canoeing or ride elephants through the wilderness of Thailand.

In addition to the Khao Sok National Park are other destinations and attractions near the Baumhaushotel. For beach vacationers, where the hotel’s pool with artificial waterfall is not sufficient, we recommend a reservoir tour. The Coconut Beach in Khao Lak, which we consider to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, can be reached by rental car in about an hour.

  1. Treehotel (Sweden)Pic Credits :

If you value individuality and originality at your hotel, the Treehotel is a perfect choice! The treehouse hotel consists of seven architecturally unique rooms ranging in size from 15 to 50m², all approximately 4-6 meters high, offering a beautiful view of the pine forest and the River Lule. Whether you want to spend the night in the mirrored “cube” or the “UFO,” the owners of the tree house hotel not only paid attention to a unique design, but also to sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and construction methods.

Located in the middle of the Swedish wilderness, several hours by car from the nearest metropolis and about 2 km from the center of the 600-person village of Harads, this tree-house hotel offers you an ideal opportunity to relax and forget about everyday life. Here you will be awakened neither by car noises nor loud neighbors – at most the call of the moose.

But even adventurers will get their money’s worth at the Treehotel. The list of possible activities in the area is endless. In the summer and autumn, you can go rafting, mountain biking or kayaking rafting in white water, in winter with a tour with sled dogs or ice fishing. Also, in northern Sweden, you always have the chance to see Northern Lights.

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