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World’s oldest beer factory found in Egypt

This is news for every beer lovers out there,  a team of archaeologists has dug up a site near Abydos, Egypt only to have noticed there was a brewery out here. The city is located 11km West of Nile and reportedly this city was a place for the burial ground of ancient monarchs and this discovery suggests that beer was used as sacrificial rites

The reports suggest that the team of Egyptian and American archaeologists discovered 8 massive units of beer and pottery basins at this unearthed site. This brew site is believed to be the oldest brew site in the world and the factory dates back to King Narmer who is believed to be the founder of the First Egyptian Dynasty dated 3100BC.

According to Matthew Adams from NYU, this brewery was capable of producing over 22,400 liters of beer at a time and the antiquity minister had reportedly the British Archaeologists had previously mentioned that there is a possibility of the existence of a Beer Factory in Egypt in the early 20th Century.

It is found that the Egyptians used pottery basins to boil a mix of grains and water to produce beer and since the Egyptians consumed beer actively, the presence of a brewery

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