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World’s first AI-backed Swing in Manali

Manali has been attracting tourists for quite a while and according to recent news, there is another reason to visit this hill station as the Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi is all set to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed giant swing this January 2023.

The Manali Swing, founded by 4 adventure enthusiasts cum engineers where the swing has already completed its human trials and now is in process of filing patents for the concept and design.

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One of the founders of ManaliSwing, Utsav Soni said to PTI, “We will offer one of the world’s most creative and safe giant swing like bungy jumping but instead of going down on rubber bungee cord, here one freefall followed by giant swing on dual dynamic ropes with over 100 possible jump styles allowing one to experience the adrenaline of 70m free fall with AI promising impeccable safety like never before.”

As per the founders, they have approached Dubai and Switzerland governments too.

For interested people who want to try the swing, people have to shell out 3000 INR which includes the cost of transportation, photography, and videography services.

The giant swing will also give you picturesque views of the surroundings. It’s going to be one of the best unique experiences in India.

Destination India
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