Why International Travel cannot return to as it was before soon #MacroTraveller

With the growth of Travel Industry, one is finding an urge to travel. But due to the ongoing pandemic, one cannot visit other countries due to world-wide restrictions and lockdowns the airline industry is suffering a major blow. Thus speaking of this, industry experts are busy looking into how the airline industry can recover from this huge loss and how they can earn trusted passengers after the cases of coronavirus recover.
There are a lot of barriers that the airline industry needs to face soon after the coronavirus cases end and the tourists start travelling once again.

a) Global Restrictions to be lifted off Global travel restrictions will be lifted off in stages. Like in the case of the Indian travel industry, all domestic flight will be accessible from May 4 and all International flight will begin operation from June 1 onwards. The restrictions on International Travel in other countries will take time to allow international flights which will again hamper your wish to enter the country.

Currently, only cargo flights with emergency supplies are being allowed in international airstrip but they are seeing its fair share of challenges as the rules of the new country might get changed at the last minute. The challenge that the airline industry might face in smaller countries where domestic travel is limited rather than countries where domestic travel is more.

b) Flights need to be re-certified for flyingBeing stationary for a long time might hamper the engines, all planes are stationed in airspace with fuel completely drained and when they are again taken up to start for operations, they are to be checked to get certified again and then they are allowed fit for flying. Some aircraft might be checked weekly so that as soon restrictions are lifted they can be used to fly but this is not the case for all aircraft.

These flights getting approval might take around 48 hours minimum as they have to meet certification standards set by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization.

c) Airline Crew joining back to work

Airline is dependent on its crew and staff which include pilot, flight attendants and crew. As it is to be noted that a pilot should keep a minimum number of hours per month, and it takes time for the crew who are used to constant training to recover from their long absence. In such case, a pilot will need to undergo flight simulator before he goes back into the cockpit and for the crew, the airline industry needs to check on how long they have been off and accredited accordingly.

It also dependents on staff where they need to get airport clearance. And with rules from the government where some amount of staff will be allowed to work might also hamper the chain processes connected to this.

d) Newer Health Measures need to be implemented in Airports
Airports all over the world need to implement newer measures to safeguard staff and tourists who visit these destinations every day. This might be a huge task to airport staff as they need to screen lakhs to millions of tourist’s every day and keep in check of the recent changes. And after the pandemic season ends, health screening will be kept mandatory for the next couple of months and they need to be trusted. The quality of health checks will directly build a person’s trust to travel to that destination.

If any changes happen here, one needs to be prepared for these changes in a particular country and it will take time to get adjusted. Recently, I read that it is mandatory that everyone should undergo a blood test to enter into the country and these will take a while to get used for a traveller. The airports around the world should follow the social distancing and personal protective measures such as wearing mask etc even after the pandemic season ends, airports need to set up multiple thermal testing places.

Ending the article, one needs to manage and work towards overcoming the fear of a person when he wants to travel abroad.

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