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If you read my blog, you’re crazy about traveling … and you would also like to save money. Then you’re probably very curious how (almost) free to travel, or even money you earn while you see the world! I am so excited to share this with you, because many people still think that it is impossible to see much of the world without spending too much money.

Are you ready for it? Here you have 5 ways in which you can make your dreams come true (free or paid)!

  1. Become a mystery traveler!

You understand! As a mysterious traveler, you visit different companies as a standard customer, while you assess the quality of the service. As you are paid for shopping to assess the service in stores, this can also be used for restaurants or hotels to give reviews. You do not have to choose where you are going, but you see quite a bit, and you are also paid. How fun!

  1. House sitting!

Have you ever thought of this? You have the money for the tickets, but often the accommodation costs are very high. This can be solved by traveling as a tourist and living like a local. You get free accommodation in exchange for watering plants, walking the dog and doing other small chores. Then there is enough time left to explore a new city.  Ideal! At you can register as a house sitter; if your love of travel makes it difficult to have pets, housesitting is a great way to enjoy the perfect travel companion and free luxury accommodation! Make sure that you profile yourself well, because of course you also look at your personal reviews.

  1. Go around the world as a cabin crew attendant!

If you like flying, this is the ideal job for you. It is hard work and you will have to live with your colleagues in some cases, but it is a great opportunity to travel and earn money at the same time! There are often different weathering and selection days for cabin crew attendants. A very popular airline, in addition to KLM, is for example Emirates; you immediately have good secondary conditions and perhaps the best of all … your home base is the great Dubai! Emirates travels to more than 140 destinations and you often have enough ‘stop’ where you stay in the best hotels and have time to explore the destination. There are enough forums where you can read about the different experiences of cabin crew. Spread your wings and fly!

  1. … or as a yacht steward (ess)!

Do you see yourself already working on a luxury yacht and besides a super salary also enjoy tipping thousands of euros? Almost incredible, but it is possible. You have to do something for it, and here too, hard work applies, but you really see where the most beautiful places are and for this money you do not want to leave this chance! A hotel job at 6-star level Рunreachable work do you think? The Dutch Marie-Jos̩ has already succeeded Рand in the summer she enjoys life in the Mediterranean and the winter delicious in the Caribbean. Read here on her story-what they can, and you can too!

  1. Getting started as an Au Pair!

An au pair (literally ‘extra pair of hands’) loves children and is usually a young person between the ages of 18 and 30 who enjoys traveling around the world. You like to know a new language and a new culture and are committed to an adventure. In exchange for 25-30 hours of assistance with the children of a local family you get shelter, food and pocket money and because they live in it you learn a lot about the city/country where you live!  Make sure that you are affiliated with a reputable au pair company and that you have agreements with the host family for a great experience as an au pair. If you are lucky, the family also pays extras, such as airline tickets and a language course.

Do you have more ideas for free travel? Or maybe you have a great free travel experience to share with me … let me know! I am very curious.

Now I’m going to pack my suitcase for my house sit … how exciting!

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