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West Bengal bans all direct flights from the UK

The state government of Bengal has announced that it will ban all direct flights from the UK from January 03. This move comes after a sudden increase in the omicron variant of coronavirus cases.

As per the reports, this ban will remain In place until further orders. The government also issued an order stating that all international passengers will undergo a mandatory Covid19 test upon arrival at the airport.

Those arriving from ‘at-risk’ countries are advised to take the test on arrival at the respective airports. Additionally, tourists arriving from not ‘at-risk’ countries must undergo a covid-19 test mandatorily upon arrival at CCU airport.


Furthermore, the airlines will randomly select 10% of passengers for the RT-PCR test, while 90% will undergo the RAT test. This is in accordance with the new rules issued by the government for international passengers.

Reports have suggested that the Covid situation has worsened in the state where Kolkata has emerged as one of the districts of concern.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has said that the cases of Omicron have been linked to passengers arriving from the UK. She stated that the Centre must impose restrictions on flights from countries where Omicron cases are high.

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