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Welcome to Bangalore – Dear Simba Beer | #MacroTraveller

Beer lovers of Bangalore have another brand to chug now. Simba. Named on a whim after the adorable lion king, the beer was first launched in Goa and then, in Delhi. It now finds its way into outlets in Bangalore. #SimbaBLR launched at Foxtrot – House of Subculture!

Simba isn’t just another beer. It’s a craft which has grown by leaps and bounds. It betters itself with every batch, and it’s here in Bangalore. A worthy addition to the roster of brands on offer in this city, Simba comes in two variants as of now: the clean, crisp and mild Wit and the rich Espresso flavored Stout. With an MRP of Rs. 110 and 130 respectively for a pint, it promises good value for money. More variants will be launched soon. The beer is available in Madhuloka and many other outlets across town, aside from bars/pubs.


Simba would like to inspire you to say the word ‘cheers’ more often. It was great to be at the launch party last night at Foxtrot – House of Subculture in Koramangala. It was a delightful evening with the beer, friends and live music. 🙂

Simba launch was surely a head turner in the city with Ishwaraj Bhatia baby Simba Beer debuted in the city with none other than my buddy John Eapen leading from the front. I liked the stout, and the wit was equally lovely too and good to meet the whole Bangalore crowd which is almost my first official appearance with #MacroTraveller 2.0 new look 😉 yes. Not many recognized me!

For sure Simba launch was one of a carnival. Hope Simba keeps up the focus and momentum after this healthy start. May the lion keep roaring! #RoarWithSimba #SimbaBLR

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