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Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru : Shettihalli Church

Located just 2kms from Shettihalli a place in Hassan District, Karnataka. Shettihalli Church is a church built by French Missionaries in India and is said to be constructed around the 1860s. It is one of the magnificent structures built on the banks of the Hemavati River.

This church has attracted many visitors from around the world and the tourism was boomed after the local government decided to construct a dam across Hemavati River which in turn made this church famous as the half-submerged church.

Built around the 1860s by early French missionaries, Shettihalli Church well known for the wealthy Britishers to worship here and its location as it is situated on the banks of River Hemavati. This Gothic-style architecture made Shettihalli Church famous and also many people started to avoid due to them hearing many stories about ghosts.

Many people after 1960 dam construction visit this church as the church submerges half during monsoon season leaving the top portion of it to be visible. This makes it a perfect viewing point and also a good place for photographers as the banks provide a good scenic spot.

The place is also a nature lover’s paradise as we can notice many birds here which visit and thus you can enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and with a dark sky, the church provides more panaronomic view.

This abandoned church can be visited all year round, however, a different charm of it comes during the monsoon months where you get to notice dark clouds over the river and the magnificent church standing tall. Shettihalli Church is well connected via road and the location has much bus facility from Bangalore. Several trains are running towards Hassan from Yeshwanthpur Railway Station in Bangalore where one can board and step down at Hassan Railway Station. Once you reach the railway station, you can board local bus over there and the distance from Railway station to Shettihalli Church is around 40 km.

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