Ways to make your internet connection faster while travelling

I had the opportunity to use smartphones as early as 2004 with O2 XDA Iii which was my first touch- screen smartphone which had a browser and mobile 2G data was in such nascent stage then and so was the usage of mobile internet as well.

Over the years, things have evolved so fast in less than a decade on the technology aspect that life is dependent on mobile and connectivity to the world has to be instant.

Being an avid traveller who also juggles with his official work by being connected 24X7 online on mobile, internet connection plays a pivotal role in my life and the connectivity matters the most. At times, even opening emails or live tweeting an event becomes a pain and I have always look at tricks and fixes to increase my browsing speed especially when I travel. One of my fellow travellers suggested me to use Opera Mini Browser and for the last 3 months I have been trying it out during my travel journeys and I would say that it’s been my perfect companion especially in bad network areas where even to get proper 2G is tough.

My recent trip to Punjab on the official visit to Chandigarh, Amritsar and Wagah Border helped me realise the value of Opera Mini with the significant increase in internet connection and browsing speeds.

Opera Mini compresses data up to 90% and also includes a native ad blocker, which helps to load pages faster and free up all the screen space to help me check my emails and also use social media networks on the go.

I was even using Navigation on the browser itself to navigate myself through Punjab to save data and had experienced faster browsing speeds. Opera Mini reduces loading times and saves a ton of data, while viewing more of the content that I want on the go by optimising video, pictures and text, which means you get more out of your data plan and also reduces video buffering and stalling. You will be surprised to know that Opera Mini is 64% faster than UC browser and 72% faster than Chrome. Also, it consumes 2 times less data than UC browser and 3.5 times less data than Google Chrome.

Infact I was doing live updates using Opera Mini during my journey and my experience was seamless with all the social media updates on Facebook and Twitter and emails as well.

With connectivity and data usage being precious in India like Oasis, Opera Mini will be my primary app for browsing.

So now try out Opera Mini and Opera Max and let me know how much data you saved while travelling and if your browsing experience is faster and seamless as well

There is a cool contest by Opera. Check the widget below and share about the Opera Mini and Opera Max and you could win gift vouchers worth INR 5000 /- for your travels!

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