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Want to enter Nilgiris? You need a mandatory E-Pass from now.

Tourists and the general public coming from Kerala and Karnataka will now require an e-pass to enter Nilgiris District. The same was stated by Collector J Innocent Divya. The decision to open famous tourist destinations in the district will be undertaken after the state government issues direction.

The Tamil Nadu state government while announcing relaxation related to Covid-19 travel restrictions had removed the requirement of e-pass, which were mandated for purposes like travel in 11 specific districts. The state witnessed 3000 new cases on Sunday.

Reportedly, temples in Tamil Nadu reopened on June 28, with strict Covid-19 protocols in place. Temples in Thiruvallur, Chennai, Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram sanitized the shrine premises soon after the announcement and put up barricades to check large gatherings.

Recently, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin in a video message appealed to people to follow Covid-19 norms. He added,  “Though we can say we have reduced the impact of the virus, we cannot say it does not remain. People should not think they need not follow COVID-19 protocols any longer just because relaxations were announced.”

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