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Vlog Pocket – FeiyuTech Experience as a Vlogger #Macrotraveller Tech

Do you want to become a video blogger or vlogger? Do you catch up with your favourite vlogger daily on YouTube or Instagram or any other social media platform which you frequently use and think one day even I need to become like the person whom I follow? Fret not as a new gadget from FeiyuTech makes everyone a vlogger.

Feiyu Technology or simply called Feiyutech is a company that concentrates on video stabilization technology. They currently have launched vivid ranges of motion camera stabilizer, cell phone stabilizer, camera stabilizer etc where the company’s motto is ‘specialization, high quality and excellence’ in their every product. They provide high-quality products using their team who are young and dynamic, using their scientific knowledge and technological innovations.

Vlog-Pocket an innovative product from FeiyuTech where they say that everybody can become a vlogger. Designed for shooting vlog, vlogpocket is one of the lightest Smartphone gimbals. Small and portable, lightweight and easy for many vloggers who need to hold the device for a long time, vlog pocket is one of perfect gadget for vlogging. The gadget supports built-in camera of the Smartphone, intelligent object tracking where when shooting videos, the videos can be easily switched from portrait to landscape mode and vice-versa.

For switching between two modes, you just need to use one key, where on the application you can easily and quickly turn the video into either portrait or landscape mode. This is most helpful for vloggers as any event is precious and definitely you do not want to miss the picture. Their inbuilt-camera support acts as a lifeline as it supports both Android and iOS devices and also there is no need to connect with FeiyuTech application before using it.

Weighing grossly around 272g, this is one of the lightest gimbals out there in the market and also vlog pocket has a new super motor which can support payload capacity of 240gms. The easy layout and trendy design of the vlog pocket help you to use the functions of a camera easily for both dynamic and static shooting. The Vlogpocket helps you to take overlapping images, time-lapse, picture freeze etc with its buttons where you can easily use the functions without any hindrance.

Some of the features of Vlog-Pocket by FeiyuTech are as follows:

An innovative, lightweight and trendy design which makes this a perfect Smartphone gimbals.
Weighs only 272g and can support weight up to 240gm.
Ready to use once you mount your Smartphone
One button for switching on-off the live video to record videos for tik-tok etc.
Long battery life where the gimbal can run around 8 hours and up to 14hours of standby mode.
New UI on FeiyuApp which one can use conveniently.
Supports all smartphones.
Comes with the rechargeable battery where the battery specification is around 1300mAH and charges with 7.2V of electricity.
Comes with Bluetooth version 4.1
Quick switch using a button to convert video recording from horizontal to vertical mode

Overall, I have been using the product and I have been impressed with the ease of use which you can notice in my vlogs. I wish I could use some of the other products of FeiyuTech as they would help me with vlogs.

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