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Vivo V9 Review: An Amazing Camera Experience | #MTTech

Since the beginning of the year, the mobile market in India has received a lot of remarkable mobile models. Compared to last year, the mid-range smartphone 2018 upgraded the experience. V9 is a typical example. One thing that became the attraction of this smartphone is the screen that reminds us of the iPhone X. The difference, the operating system used is Android.

Actually if observe more closely, the size of the bezel and notch Vivo V9 slightly different from the iPhone X. Bezel under Vivo V9 looks thicker than the iPhone X. In addition to notch or smaller bangs.  Anything interesting in it?

Luxury Design

Admittedly, the impression of luxury immediately felt when looking at this smartphone. Among them from the front side, looks very similar to the iPhone X. That has a large screen that almost covers the entire front side. The presence of the notch or ‘bangs’ on the top side of the screen, also makes Vivo V9 similar to the iPhone X.

This widescreen also only leaves a little bezel both on the left and right sides of the screen or at the top of the bottom. With bezel at the top only 1.85mm and side bezel only 1.75 mm, and 5.99mm along the bottom. This design is called bezel-less. The luxurious impression is also felt from the body wrapped in glossy material. Plus access to the gold color line (for Vivo V9 black) that adorn the screen, fingerprint sensor and Vivo writing on the back of the body.

Not only luxury but Vivo V9 also has a comfortable grip. This is because the body design around it is formed with rounded contours. Moreover, the dimensions also feel quite thin when gripped. Similarly, the weight is relatively light.

Vivo V9 ‘decorated’ power button and volume on the right side. While on the left side there is a slot that contains three slots for 2 nano-SIM card and microSD slot. And at the bottom of the body is placed charging port type micro USB, 3.5 mm audio hole, speakers, and microphone.

FullView Display Screen 

The widescreen in Vivo V9 is named with the FullView TM screen.  This screen has a size of 6.3 inches with FHD + resolution (2280 x 1080 pixels). It also has a 19: 9 aspect ratio and a Screen-to-Body Ratio of 90%.

With the ability of this screen Vivo V9 can be relied upon to enjoy a much more comfortable and more satisfying visual experience. Because the display of screen content will look sharper and broader. Whether it’s to watch videos, view photos, play games, live streaming and more.

Interestingly, although the screen is more spacious, the dimensions of the body do not change. You can still enjoy the 6.3-inch widescreen, but Vivo V9 body size still feels like a smartphone-sized 5.5-inch screen.

Dual Camera

Vivo V9 is equipped with a dual camera on the rear body plus LED flashlights. This dual camera has a resolution of 16 MP + 5 MP. Dual camera is also equipped with various photography facilities. Like HDR (High Dynamic Range), Panorama, Face Beauty, Ultra HD, and Doc. There are also Professional facilities that allow users to set their own set of photography settings, such as brightness, ISO, White Balance, Autofocus and more. This is suitable for professional photographers.

Not to forget, this dual camera can also produce bokeh photos like DSLR cameras. Amazingly, this dual camera can maximize the AI ​​Bokeh algorithm based on machine learning. So this dual camera can achieve a high degree of precision in identifying photo objects, as well as ensuring focus for each photo taken. You can even take pictures first, then set the focus point afterward.

This camera can also take slow motion video. For the ability to record video, the dual camera can produce video recording up to HD resolution (1080p). Interestingly, the two camera lens in Vivo V9 has a design similar to the iPhone X, which is with a vertical parallel position with the oval list.


Owning a selfie 24 megapixel camera, V9 is considered one of the selfie specialists in the market. In the selfie section, this smartphone offers many different modes such as conventional shooting, selfie group, beautiful face. Amazingly, this selfie camera is supported by technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) Face Beauty.

In beautiful face mode, the camera supports 6 different “beauty” levels. If you switch to the 6, you may not recognize yourself when looking at the photo. However, if you want to “naturally” naturally, just click the AI ​​button. Photographs in this mode give you fresh color, without much cropping.

Meanwhile, V9 equipped with two cameras after resolution of 16 and 5 megapixel respectively. The second camera has no other task except to assist in portraying deleted fonts. This image deletion works best at 2 m distance, a bit farther than some popular products today (1.5 m).


To support its performance, Vivo V9 supported Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 Octa-core processor. It also supported 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. To expand the storage capacity, also provided a MicroSD slot that supports up to 256 GB capacity. In general, this smartphone can run various applications smoothly, including when doing multitasking.

The performance of this smartphone is also influenced by the latest OS Android 8.1 which in its adoption. The Android OS is combined with FunTouch OS 4.0, which enhances battery life, improves security and operating speed, providing a faster and more secure experience.

For endurance of life, this smartphone is equipped with a large enough capacity battery, which is 3260 mAh. Unfortunately, Vivo does not provide fast charging feature for fast charging.

Security Features

Vivo V9 is equipped with security features, so it is not arbitrary people can access this smartphone. Vivo V9 equipped with features AI Face Access 2.0 which is a facial recognition system (face recognition), one of which serves to unlock the screen of this smartphone. This feature complements the fingerprint sensor that is also available on this smartphone.

The latest AI Face Access feature in Vivo V9 can scan user facial characteristics, and then unlock the phone in a short time. This feature also detects the reflection of light on the face and facial movement, to prevent the opening of the phone with photos or video.

Besides, Face Access with App-Lock can also lock specific applications installed on the smartphone, which can only be opened by face scanning.

Game Mode

Accommodating the needs of today’s smartphone usage, where many start to play games, Vivo V9 also provides Game Mode features. When Game Mode is enabled, you can freely play the game without any hassles. Because this feature will turn off notifications, messages and incoming calls. But you can also set it to display phone calls from specific contacts only. You can choose to answer, reject, or ignore calls while playing a game. There is also a picture-in-picture Game feature. With this feature, you can still receive incoming messages without stopping the game being played.

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