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Visit Warner Bros. Movie World & Sea World in Gold Coast

If you’re a mainstream movie fan, then the Warner Bros. movie world is simply where you have to go, where you can have a major addiction to comedy, Batman, Superman, etc. The classic screen image will appear in front of you anytime you want to take part in the thrilling “Batman Hormones Tour” or complete a fantastic thriller trip with Superman – a world that will keep you traveling at 100 kilometers per hour Crazy roller coaster in vertical speed.

If you want to taste the romance of childhood again, walk into Looney Tunes Villages and cross the fairy-tale world where you will meet cats and pop stars such as Rabbits, who invite you with enthusiasm, make you instantly forget what evening! The movie world is continuously updating its entertainment programs based on its movies. There are often stunt shows related to Warner Films, and the movie-themed patrol tours are spectacular, and Drift Speed ​​shows are breathtaking.

Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Warner Bros. Movie World is collaboration between two major movie studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Country Tour Shows. Australia’s leading tourism promotion agency, Joint investment in 1981 to build, June 3, 1991, officially opened, costing tens of millions, covers an area of ​​168 hectares. Warner Bro. are world-famous for its unique design style, enticing entertainment, rich performance shows.

Warner Bros. Movie World has a slogan: ‘Hollywood on the Gold Coast – Warner movie world can turn everybody’s star dream.’ When you enter this theme park, you will feel the meaning of this sentence. Each of his buildings, every setting, and even the clothes of every staff member will give you a sense of deja vu. These people and their things you’ve ever felt were scenes from the movies produced by Warner Bros. so much so that every worker’s smile and motivation is so vivid that you seem to be exposed to certain movies among the plot.

Sea World – Enter the sea world and watch the adorable dolphins, sea lions, sharks and other marine life from the tropics to meet the new king penguins and king penguins. And for the family fun world’s best water adventure – Castelvecchio, the world premiere of a sponge baby parade. Gold Coast with beautiful beaches, the scenery is stunning, the marine world accounted for the geographical and landscape advantages, with exciting interactive, curious adventure, to attract adults and children’s eyes, created this beautiful world, into which you can feel happy laughter atmosphere.

The Movie World’s 6 Must Involve Activities:

1) Challenging the new southern hemisphere, the most exciting and rapid drop – a green light roller coaster.

2) Watch the Hollywood stunt ride show.

3) Flying together with the superman, experience 2 seconds to accelerate the fast food and accommodation 100 km Superman pleasure.

4) Batman masked and photographed.

5) In Batman Speed ​​Journey, throwing himself up.

6) Join the Star Parade, which consists of your favorite cartoon stars and superheroes.

Movie World’s Must Not Miss Performances:

1) New 4D cinema experience.

2) Exciting Hollywood Speed ​​premium show.

3) Watch exciting bats save Gordon’s live performance and take part in fun-filled uncle detectives.

4) Look at Bugs Bunny and his friends at Warner Children’s.

5) Playground to see what a fun live rock concert is like.

6) Watch the west cowboy confrontation show.

7) Join the fun-filled All-Star Parade


The Sea World’s 6 Must Involve Activities:

1) Watch the incredible dolphin show.

2) Travel to Polar Bear Coast.

3) Explore Shark Bay.

4) Take the Ultimate Speed.

5) Watch playful emperor penguin and golden figure penguin show.

Sea World’s Must Not Miss Performances:

1) New sponge baby parade, colorful show, and the spectacular theme parade floats.

2) The new song and dance show – Dora love to explore and her good friend’s on-site performances.

3) And its beautiful dolphin show lets you forget about returning.

4) Watch funny sea lions SWAT detective performance.

5) Happy and exciting children experience interactive programs.

6) The new water motor extreme stunt show, the world’s best super-performance.



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