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Visit to Zojo-Ji in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of the largest Buddhist Island nations where you can notice many Buddhist temples situated here. On my recent visit to Japan, I was happy to visit the Zojo-Ji temple. Zojo-Ji temple is a  Jōdo-shū Buddhist temple located in Tokyo, Japan. It is the main temple of Chinzei sect of Buddhism in the Kantō region.

History of Zojo-Ji is Shuei a disciple of Kukai is said to be the forerunner of Zojo-Ji. Kukai founded a temple of named Komyo-Ji located at Kojimachi in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Around 1393 during the ruling period of Muromachi Period, Yuyo Shoso who is a founding member of the present-day temple had converted the temple into a Jodo school.

Later during the Edo period, Zojo-Ji was the family temple of Tokugawa clan. Tokugawa Ieyasu had moved the temple to Hibiya and later to its present location of Minato. It was one of the largest temples in the surrounding area however during WWII, most of the sites were bombed. Out of 120 structures present here, most of them were destroyed which were reconstructed after WWII.  Some of the main structures here include Sangedatsumon, Mausoleum of Tokugawa Shōguns, Sentai Kosodate Jizō, Daiden (Great Hall), Ankokuden, Enko Daishi Hall, Koshoden etc.

Daiden is the great hall which was rebuilt after WWII.

Sangedatsumon which means Three Moksha is one of the oldest and surviving structure after WWII. It is said that if a person passes through this temple gate, he will be free of three passions such as greed, hatred ness and foolishness. It has an image of Gautama Buddha with 2 attendants and statues of 16 arhaats. Sangedatsumon has been designated as an Important Cultural Property of Zozo-Ji.

Zojoji has had a close relation with Tokugawa Clans where during Edo period, 6 of Tokugawa shoguns were buried here. Hence we can notice Mausoleum of Tokugawa Shōguns present here in temple premises. A designated National Treasures of Japan it is to be noted after WWII, out of 6 we can notice 2 are survived here and we can notice the same here.

Zojo Ji is located in Minato region. There is a Shiba park built around the temple, you can notice Tokyo Tower located nearby to the temple. In the year 2015, treasure gallery was opened at Daiden which currently has paintings of  Kanō Kazunobu and a model of the Taitoku-in Mausoleum. There is no entrance fee to enter the temple Treasure Museum you need to buy tickets worth around 7US$.

Nearest railway station includes Hamamatsucho Station, Daimon Station and Onarimon and Shibakoen Stations. Zojo-Ji annually held many events and 2 monthly events held Sutra copying and Betsuji Nembutsu.

Destination Japan Tokyo
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Destination Japan
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Destination Japan Tokyo
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