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Visit to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa

When in Dubai visit Burj Khalifa, being the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa stands 830m to tip visiting this spectacular building is one of its kind experience. Once you visit Dubai and start to explore city Burj Khalifa will be visible to you all the times and makes you tempted to visit it once. Burj Khalifa sparkles in daylight and has amazing lighting during the night which makes it a spectacle to watch it at night and during celebration such as New Year, there will be fireworks display which you may be awestruck.


This Building is so high that it breaks other tallest building in the world with a huge margin and interesting thing is that there will be additional minutes of sunlight when it gets dark for the entire city.

Burj Khalifa in addition to commercial and residential spaces they provide tourist observation decks for any visitor to see the world from the top of the highest building.

MTtips – Tickets to this building will start from $109 which may vary during high visitor period, if you book online you can get as cheap as $39 for General admission and around $85 for Fast track entry.

Visit to Burj Khalifa will be busy at weekends in UAE falls on Friday and Saturday where you can expect busy crowd, other than weekends Dubai expects heavy footfalls during Christmas season and in the month of January due to shopping festival. Tickets to the building are available on spot.

Burj Khalifa has 2 viewing observation decks which require 2 main types of tickets for ‘At the Top’ and ‘At the Top Sky’. The difference between these two tickets is just that At the Top gives access to Levels 124,125 and At the Top Sky gives access to Levels 124,125 and 148 which gives another mesmerizing view. At the Top Sky receives less tourist due to its high ticket price and gives a view of the city at the height of 555 meters.

How to get to Burj Khalifa

There is only 1 way to get into Burj Khalifa that is via Dubai mall. To get to Dubai Mall there are many ways like Bus, Metro line or taxis from the airport. If you have booked your stay In Dubai Mall, the hotel provides free pick up and drop from airport. There would be a separate line for people buying tickets and for the people who booked tickets online so don’t get confused and stand in another line.

Once you enter Burj Khalifa, you can notice how the building was constructed, the history with facts. Later we will be taken to the elevator ride up the building to 124th level, these elevators are so fast that it completes 124th level within 1 minute. Once at the 124th level, you can notice a huge observation deck with electronic binoculars. Also, the deck gives a panoramic view of the cityscape.

At 148th Level for which you have to buy At The Top Sky ticket, this location gives you an eye-catching view of the city. Once you enter this level you will be provided snacks and beverage. Once you had your fill, there is a huge observation deck with glass covered deck where it is clean and you can take a quick image. The view from this level is so mesmerizing that you would love to stay for more hours.

You can book a personalized tour of Burj Khalifa online for At the Top Sky you are provided with signature refreshments along with view deck. At level 125 you have VR experience of the building, at 125th level, you have an observation deck that is 360degree view.

Tip 2 – You will be entitled to several promotional offers if you pre-book your tickets online and also you will have discounts for General entry and fast track entry tickets.



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