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Visit to Sai Teerth Theme Park, Shirdi

On my recent visit to Shirdi which is one of the spiritual places of India, I had an opportunity to visit Sai Teerth Theme Park which is one of the world’s 1st Spiritual Theme Park. It is situated in the town of Shirdi and is dedicated to Saint Sai Baba.

With an amalgamation of spirituality, devotion, technology and entertainment Malpani Group built this theme park where visitors to the holy town can enjoy entertainment with gaining knowledge of Saint Sai Baba.

There are 4 custom-built and world-class themed attractions which one can visit which will amaze the visitors with its grandeur, innovation etc. Sai Teerth is easily accessible by road and it is at a less distance to temple where it is located around 1 km from the Main temple, 2KM from Bus stand,2.3 KM from the railway station and 15KMs from newly inaugurated Shridi Airport. You need to purchase tickets before entering the theme area and it is priced moderately at 399Rs per adult and Rs299 for the child. Special discounts would be given for school children who should be present along with their group.

As mentioned before, Sai Teerth Theme Park has 4 major attractions and those attractions are custom built and are world-class themed attractions.

  • Dwarakamai: This is a world-class themed attraction which features modern animation and robotics where you would notice Saint Sai Baba speaking with every guest. This is set in an ancient village of Dwarakamai which is said to be around 100 years ago where you would speak with the saint and this is every devotee’s wish come true. The show will be for 10 minutes and the seating capacity is around 250 visitors. This is one of the attractions which you should not miss during your visit to Sai Teerth.
  • Lanka-Dahan: This is a world’s first 5D movie concentrated on ancient Hindu script of Ramayana. If you are familiar with one of the ancient mega script of Ramayana, you would remember Lord Hanuman when he was captured by Ravana, King of Lanka destroyed the place of Sri Lanka by igniting the city. The story of Lord Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Ram is mentioned in this special 5D theatre which makes you feel like you are a part of the script. This 5D movie has special effects of Air, Water, motion, Sound and Touch which can be experienced only when you have visited the Theme park.
  • Sabka Malik Ek: This is an experience where you would learn the teachings of Saint Sai Baba where you would watch the movie via a giant screen. One of the largest cinema screen by size which is around 36x72ft and they showcase the movie of Saint Sai Baba multiple times in a day. Experience the movie in large screen and also learn the teachings of the saint, know-how Saint Sai Baba captured the hearts of each of his followers and his miracles at this theatre.
  • Teerth Yatra: Every person here would wish to complete Teerth Yatra once in a lifetime, however not many people can do the same due to their issues. Here at Sai Teerth, you can do the same where you can visit the 10 temples mentioned in Teerth yatra which takes you in one amazing ride. Cover the major temples from North to South of India and from East to West of India where you would see how the temples receive their devotees, language, people, food etc. This is a huge indoor complex spread across 40,000 sqft and is a ride that brings one of the best experience to each of its visitors. Visit the famous Kedarnath, Badrinath temples from the north, Meenakshi temple from the south, Dwaraka Temple from West and Puri Jagannath temple from the east all at one single place here at Sai Teerth Theme park.
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