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Visit to Kalamati in Bodoland

Kalamati is one of the most popular attractions in Bodoland, it is situated within the regions of Manas National Park. Kalamati means Black Soil where Kala is Black and Mati is Soil. This is the region in Bodoland where the soil has natural minerals in them, this is why the animals come here and lick the salt regions to gather essential minerals. Also found in the region are medicinal herbs and plants, however, it is sad to see that humans are destroying the region by deforestation.

However, we can see the ecotourism is developing in this region where we can notice many wild animals like golden langur, civets, and porcupines being noticed during the exploration. Belonging to the territories of Manas National Park, we can expect further growth in the coming years and less of destruction by humans. One can explore the Kalamati region however if you want to purchase anything grab whatever you want at Koilamoila which is one of the closest market regions to the park.

To get to Kalamati Region of Manas National Park, we need a special permit as it borders with Bhutan. You can hire a cab from Bongaigaon the region lies around 35km, alternatively, you can also reach Kalamati from Chapaguri station which is around 24km from Kalamati. The region has many cab availability, just ask any tour operator and they will guide you with the same.

Upon entering you can hear the silent flow of river Kanamakra, and when you visit the region near to the river you would notice scattered pebbles and the view is right out of heaven and is quiet, calm and peaceful. Interestingly, Kalamati is known for its soil, orchids and rare/endangered wild animals. There are some regions which you need to visit on your visit to Kalamati National Park such as.

  1. Hajw Agor: meaning hills with the design which is where you can notice the hills with varied colours, one can witness the colours depending on the time/month of visit. You can catch Black, White, Yellow and some other colours.
  2. Maoria Hajw: This place is known as Orchid Hills where you can find many types of Orchid Flowers growing on the hills.

Some formalities need to be done before entering Kalamati

  • The park is open from 06:00-17:00 where one can visit by taking entry passes.
  • There is a cost for visitor fee, photo and videography, road toll and elephant ride which needs to be deposited at the counter.
  • The park is no honk zone and usage of AV instruments is prohibited.
  • Plastic and other garbage pieces of stuff are strictly prohibited.
  • The place is not suitable for picnic/night camp etc. One needs to return before sunset as night halt is not permitted.

Kalamati region can be visited all year round, however, it is recommended to visit during the spring months as the nights get colder if you visit during winter, the days get hotter during summer months and during monsoon one cannot enjoy sightseeing.

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