Visit to Iga Ninja Village, Japan

In Japanese culture, Ninja holds a special place. A Ninja was a covert agent in feudal Japan. They used covert methods of waging warfare which did not honour and is hated among Samurais.

Iga City was formed in the year 2004 along with the merger of surrounding towns, villages and the city of Ueno. A part of Mie Prefecture, Iga was named after the former name of Iga province. Now it is called Iga Ueno.

Iga Ueno is known for its school of Ninja. One of the leading schools of the art of Ninja is located here, it was a part of Ueno city. The city is revered and is one of the visited schools as there is a Ninja Museum present here.  Also, you can visit the city to explore Iga Castle.

The museum is full of history of the Ninja’s, information about Ninjas and many more details of the art of Ninja here at Ninja Museum at Iga Ueno. Iga Ueno is located near Kyoto, a mere 2-hour drive from the Kyoto city you can visit this city to explore the culture and history.

A small but beautiful Iga Ninja Museum which consists of Ninja residence, exhibition hall and a stage where you can get to notice Ninja Shows.  Visitors can get a tour of the museum, the residence is ordinary from the outside however once you enter you can get to know how complex the residence of Ninja is. In the exhibition hall, you can notice the weaponry, tools, costumes and gadgets that the ninja’s used to do before and what they use currently.

A stage is present here where ninja shows are conducted, here you can get to notice the skills of a ninja and they use real weapons which are splendid, you can notice how they throw the ninja stars (shuriken).  You can get to know many more things of how the Ninja’s used to deceive intruders with their tactics, their daily practice and how they trained their body which was always prepared for any attack. Also, there is a city tour which you can undertake where you can get to notice how the Ninja’s hid their weaponry in various nooks and corners of the house and that can go unnoticed, also the many escape routes that they have created in the homes which makes it easier to escape when they are invaded.

This guided tour will explain this and also more facts about the Ninjas of how they can predict the weather, how they are trained to notice the star movements etc.  You can visit the museum which is charged around 7US$ and the show charges are around 4US$, the show lasts one and half hour and is a worth to visit show when you take the tour of the museum.

Along with the museum, you can visit Iga Castle which is huge, the castle walls are around 30m high. The castle is entirely made of wood and, interestingly, there was no use of concrete. The original castle was destroyed in the 17th century, however, the castle has been reconstructed in 1935 which you’d notice it today.  Entry is charged at 5US$ and you get to learn about the history of Iga Ueno. You can sit and relax at the walls of Iga Ueno and notice the surrounding of the city of Iga.

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