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Visit to GöbekliTepe Turkey- The World’s First Temple


Göbekli Tepe is dubbed as one of world’s oldest temple is located in Germus Mountains of South-East Anatolia. Being one of the oldest temple more historic than the popular Stonehenge this temple is said to be constructed by hunter-gatherers in Neolithic Age. With its huge pillars which weighed around 20-30 tonnes, this is one of the best archaeological findings of 21st Century. The pillars are in T-Shape form and are designed with images of Wild Animals. These depicted probably a ritual or a funeral of the Neolithic people who had come over here. Göbekli Tepe is believed to be constructed soon after the Last Ice Age according to Carbon Dating and it is to be guessed that people from far away places travelled to worship their deity here.

Göbekli Tepe was first discovered in the year 1963 by a survey from Istanbul university and university of Chicago and was mentioned about this archaeological site. However, in the year 1994 Klaus Schmidt, a German Archaeologist from German Archaeological Institute is credited for his work on findings of Göbekli Tepe. In 2018, Göbekli Tepe made it to the books of UNESCO where it was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Göbekli Tepe stands on flat land which is connected to the mountain range in the north and with slopes of ridges in the south, west and east direction. The southern and western part also has a little bit of Islamic Carvings which suggest this would have been one of the places for Islamic pilgrimage. It is a series of mainly oval and circular shaped structure on the hill with around 20 pillars which are laid out strategically. All pillars are around 3-6 meters in height and are in T-Shape which has animal carvings which depict the extremities faced by human during the period of construction. Fox, Snake, Wild boars, Wild ducks and Lion are the most common animals which are carved.

Göbekli Tepe is located near Encore Village southeast of Şanlıurfa, there are many connecting flights from Ankara, Istanbul to visit this world-famous archaeological site, some of the artefacts unearthed can be found at Şanlıurfa Archaeology Center which is preserved and open for visitors to learn more about Göbekli Tepe. People who are interested to know more about ancient civilizations, temples and other constructions can visit the museum and learn in detail about Neolithic tribes who constructed this temple.

Destination Turkey
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