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The craft beer industry has grown significantly in India where we can see the rise of many microbreweries. With many citizens trying out their hands-on beers and other alcoholic drinks, many microbreweries serve their need. Out of these microbreweries in Pune is Effingut Brewerkz.

With the history of craft beer making in India started around 7-8 years ago with the opening of microbreweries, Effingut Brewerkz is one such which started in the year 2014 and has become crowd favourite and since then it has expanded in Pune and Mumbai. Currently, they have 3 locations in Pune and 2 in Mumbai. Here at Effingut, it brings people together with food and drinks.

Effingut Brewerkz has around 8-10 taps which provide free flow of drinks and never empty. This makes customers wait less time when they order. On the other hand, there are a variety of options of craft beers that makes you try everything while you visit this brewery hence you can try various beers styles from around the world. With their use of Indian Ingredients in making these beers and to suit the local palate. The beers, ciders and mead at Effingut are fresh, handcrafted and are free from preservatives, chemicals.

Some of the beers available on tap at Effingut are Hefeweizen, Apple Cider, Mango Chilli Cider, Kolsch, Dunkelweizen, Indian Brown Ale, Hefty Braggot and many such which includes use of various fruits, spices and other items that makes into the art of brewing.

Food is an important part of the menu and Effingut never lacks behind with the quantity and quality in the preparation of food. Here you can explore the food pairing which is a complimentary menu where you can try out a multicuisine menu with an option of an array of dishes. Be it Indian, Continental or Oriental, Effingut has a dish that suits your taste and your taste-buds. You can choose a dish that goes hand-hand with your choice of beer. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes whose cuisine is from around the world where you will be spoilt of choices. There are recommended dish list that you can ask your waiter for choices that goes along with the beer which you ordered.

Come enjoy events in Effingut which happens everyday where you can be part of Jukebox Mondays (All Day), Pub Quiz Tuesdays event (21:00 – 22:00), Ladies night Wednesday (20:30 onwards), Live band on every Thursday (20:00 onwards), DJ nights on Friday and Saturday’s (20:00 onwards), Acoustic and Classic rock songs on Sundays. The setting and music go along with the events happening so you can enjoy a piece of party music on Fridays, Saturday and go into old PUB culture music on Sundays.

Enjoy the end of the busy day at Effingut Brewerkz one of 3 pubs in Pune or at any one of 2 pubs in Mumbai and have a fun-filled night after your tiring day.

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  1. Effingut pune is one place people can enjoy varieties of drinks.. I never heard of that place before though.this article is an eye opener

  2. Effingut pune is one place one can enjoy varieties of drinks.. I have never heard of it before though but its worth a visit

  3. Good to know that out of the Microbreweries in India, Effingut brings people together with food and drinks. Wow!? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Macro traveller, you guys have been doing great job in getting people informed about the unknown. Thanks for this informative post.

  5. This looks very chill, cozy and relaxed, A bit gloomy though it must be the lighting. Bottomline photo cannot gauge the actual place but at least everyone can see it. I will not mind visiting too later on.

  6. Microbreweries are so exciting to visit. You get to tastes wide varities of drinks that you haven’t tasted yet.

  7. Though I’m no fan of beer and other alcoholic drinks but good that there is a place like this in India that people can actually get good drinks at least to make the heart be married and relax

  8. I’d probably go here for the books first, then craft beer second. This really looks so comfy and looks like a great place to meet up with friends.

  9. Good to know about this prune it is where I will enjoy my beer and other drinks if I stop by there anytime soo. You did well pointing me to this beautiful place for my assorted drinks.

  10. I don’t drink. But if I do, I would really check out this place. It is interesting to visit craft beers since they will have different taste especially since they are each shops own formulation.

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