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Visit Corning Glass Museum in Corning, USA

Corning Incorporated which was Corning Glass Works is one of the famous companies that manufactures and supplies glass and glassworks to many companies around the world. In our last blog, we discussed the History of Corning of how it was founded, growth and the products invented by the company etc. To make people know about their products and services provided by Corning Incorporated, we can visit the Corning Glass Museum situated in Corning, NY.

Established in the year 1951 by Corning Incorporated which celebrated 100th anniversary the same year, they opened a non-profit museum called Corning Glass Museum which gives us intricate details of single materiel: Glass. The museum is one of the most tourists visited place in NY where they expect more than a million footfalls per year, it holds most of the world’s most collection of glass, a library of glass and is one of the famous glassworking schools in the world.

The museum currently holds over 50,000 objects having more than 3500 years of history where the objects range from Egyptian art, artefacts to contemporary design works. These arts are acquired by Librarians, historians, curators, educators who display these objects for the general public on special on-campus, travel exhibitions where they explain the history, works and conduct extensive research for people who visit during these exhibitions.

The Glassworks here at Corning Glass Museum where they conduct live workshops where they narrate glass-working demonstration which takes place daily in historic glass factory building which has an auditorium with a seating capacity of around 500 people. There will be live Hot Glass Demos which people can view when they are not in Corning. To make this activity interesting, Corning allows visitors to try their hand in Glass Work by organising Make your Glass sessions.

The Campus of Corning Glass Museum is around 10 acre where the museum has a unique collection of modern glass and its architecture. With its history of giving people art of Glass Works, its works in various applications and products, their teaching which will help beginners understand the property of glass the Museum has been voted as one of America’s most favourite building to visit by a poll conducted by The American Institute of Architects.

Contemporary Art+ Design Wing is the most recent addition to the museum which opened in 2015 on 100,000 square-foot pieces of land; this occupies 26,000 square-foot of the gallery which is one of largest in the world which is dedicated to noticing the samples of contemporary glass art. Karol Wight, the institution’s president and executive director, has observed, “The opening of the Contemporary Art + Design Wing was a pivotal moment for the Museum. CMoG provides the rare opportunity to experience the medium’s complete and complex history, appreciate its application as an artistic medium, and witness and participate in its creation all in one place. Contemporary artists are taking glass to a new scale, and our new wing allows us to showcase these monumental works in an ideal viewing atmosphere.”

In Addition to the museum, Corning has a world-class educational institute called ‘The Studio’ that is known for its classes conducted for glassmaking with various skills and techniques.

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#MacroTravellerTech Corning Destination Lifestyle USA
Corning Museum of Glass visit experience
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