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Austria: Beautiful places, legendary hospitality, romantic castles, excellent cuisine, and countless cultural events. Austria is an extremely popular European destination. Here I leave the ten reasons, in my opinion, why you should go:

1) Classical Music:Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Strauss are some of the many composers who were born or lived in Vienna. So, it’s no surprise that Vienna has been designated as the world capital of classical music. On a trip to Austria, you can visit the places of concerts of world famous and hear compositions played by some of the best orchestras in the world, such as the Vienna Philharmonic.

2) The Austrian Alps:
The Alps are Austria’s biggest natural tourist attraction and are truly spectacular for the eye. This bright mountain range offers breathtaking scenery – snow-capped mountains, wide valleys, and crystal clear lakes. The Alps are home to a lot of charming villages that overflow culture. The most active can practice skiing, hiking, cycling, and canoeing.

3) Architecture:
In addition to the natural attractions, Austria has a series of architectural wonders made by man. Fans to history can visit some medieval palaces amazing as the Hofburg Imperial Palace and ancient monasteries and interesting as the Abbey of San Pedro. Austria has some impressive modern architecture too, such as the uber-modern stain in the form of Kunsthaus Graz, an art museum that is affectionately known as the “friendly stranger.”

4) The Sound of the Music:
Many tourists visit Austria to follow in the footsteps of the Von Trapp family in the beloved and musical film The Sound of Music. Salzburg has a variety of attractions for lovers of sound music to enjoy, including the town of St.Glen where Maria sings its first lines and the Mirabell gardens, where the famous song “Do-Re-Mi” was filmed.

5) Food:
Austria has many local delicacies to try, some of which you may have tried before, but the authentic versions taste much better. Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel ) is a very popular pasta that can be found in most restaurants in Austria. The sweet tooth will also enjoy Sachertorte, a special type of chocolate cake. Schnitzels Wiener is also a popular part of Austrian cuisine – a piece of veal topped with bread crumbs that is often served with potato salad.

6) Drinks:

Whether it’s Viennese coffee or hot chocolate during the day, or a glass of Austrian wine in the evening, Austria has some lovely drinks on offer. Austrians have been making wine for at least 3,000 years, and traditional Viennese coffees are some of the oldest in the world. And the Red Bull energy drink was originally from Austria.

7) Weather: Austria has a continental climate with hot and sunny summers, so sun lovers will be happy to feel the warm glow of the European sun on the face, especially in the east of the country. On the contrary, the Alpine region has short summers and long winters, which provides the ideal climate for snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

8) Railways:
Railway enthusiasts will delight in the current historic locomotives offering epic journeys through breathtaking mountain scenery. Take a ride on the Centennial Wendelstein Zipper, and you can enjoy spectacular views while the train makes its way through seven tunnels, eight galleries, and twelve bridges through the high mountain top 1838 meters.

9) Dances:  Vienna is the place where the waltz was invented and even today is such an important part of the Austrian culture that every Austrian Waltz December in the New Year with the sound of the Blue Danube, which is broadcast on public radio. The Viennese waltz is the oldest and most romantic of all the ballroom dances, ballroom and fans should not go through the opportunity to dance the waltz in their country of Austrian origin.

10) Yodeling:  Yodelling was developed in Austria as a way for people from different villages to communicate with each other. Now that we have the phones, people do not really do it much anymore. But if you want to hear authentic Austrian yodeling, you can visit a festival of Austrian folklore. Or you may find that some of the employees do it at tourist restaurants.

To take into account …

Austria is normally warm and pleasant from March to September. Summers can be very rainy, especially in the area around Salzburg Salzkammergut.

It can get unusually warm in July, although temperatures at that time usually reach 38 ° C. The winter season starts in October and can be very cold (temperatures down to -10 ° C) to make sure it is wrapped so if you want to enjoy your winter sports.

I hope that after this you decide to go on vacation to Austria because as much as I tell you, you have to see it!


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