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Virgin Paradise on Earth: The Archipelago of El Nido #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

Surely you’ve seen in fashion magazines or social networks, such as Instagram, for example, paradisiacal islands of snowy white sands. Surely you thought that this must be paradise on earth, and you were just a little away from reality, the El Nido area on the Philippine island of Palawan in the Bacuit archipelago is a real Eden. If you are thinking of traveling to the Philippines, a trip to El Nido is something you should not miss.A virgin land where electricity hardly arrives, a place where you can lose yourself and enjoy nature in its fullness! This site is one of the most impressive in the world for snorkeling and still does not have a massive tourist arrival, so it remains entirely virgin and natural. The island of Palawan is located in an incredibly bio-diverse marine environment, similar to the Great Australian Barrier Reef. In its waters, you can find many species, such as tropical fish, corals or turtles. Some of the species that can be seen here, such as the blue pheasant of Palawan, are in danger of extinction.In a delicate environment, it is usual to have a policy of zero solid waste on the island, reducing the amount of garbage and plastics, and using natural and biodegradable materials for different uses. For example, vegetable fibers present in plants and fruits are used to avoid having to use other materials.

How to Get There?

To make this trip we must first look for flights to the Philippines. Depending on the season, there are offers to Manila, from there-there is the possibility of taking a flight directly to El Nilo, or take a flight to Puerto Princesa, on Palawan Island and, from there, you can take a bus or a taxi to El Nido.

Where to Stay?

There are a variety of lodging options in El Nido, depending on the level of accommodation you want, as in all hotels in the Philippines. There are luxurious hotel complexes that go into the sea, hotels of different price ranges or even hostels. It is interesting to reserve something near the sea or in nature, more than in the center of El Nido, in this way you will live a much more enriching and unique experience. For example, a well-located, beautiful and quiet area is located on Corong Corong beach, a delight to behold.Gastronomy!

The ingredients of the gastronomy of this island are, precisely, in their nature. The mangoes are typical in the Philippines, as well as the Calamondin, a lime that tastes similar to orange. Delicious juices are made with these and other fruits of the island. Besides, being a marine environment, so bio diverse fish and seafood are star dishes that you do not want to miss. Soups are very typical in the Philippines, vegetables and local fruits are often mixed with chicken or pork. They are very peculiar and precious, a delicacy. Likewise, you should not miss the marinades, something ubiquitous also in this varied cuisine.

Excursions!The main attraction of the island is, precisely, its biodiversity. For this reason, the most exciting thing is to get on a boat to explore the archipelago and snorkel so you can see all the wonders that await you among its transparent waters. There is the possibility of hiring a guide to carry out a personalized activity. But, in principle, it is better, especially for the first days, to opt for one of the four organized tours that are offered from almost all agencies to tour the archipelago and enjoy the island.

The tours include food, typical delicacies of the area, usually fish and fruits. These leave the jetty at 9 o’clock in the morning, and snorkeling devices are added.

‘Tour’ AIn this itinerary, some of the most exciting places of the archipelago are visited. The round goes on the island of Miniloc, then by Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and, finally, there is a stop on a lonely paradise beach, the beach of Entulala.

‘Tour’ BIn this other tour, after making a stop at the paradisiacal beach of the island of Pinagbuyutan, you can visit two amazing caves for their beauty, that of Cudugnun and the Cathedral, after which they visit the island Lagen and the island Pinabuyutan. Finally, we go through Snake Island, a curious formation of sand.

‘Tour’ CThis is an incredible tour, with beaches of fantastic beauty, unique and unforgettable. The route advances through Helicopter Island, after which it passes through the spectacular Matinloc, a significant place in the archipelago. Then, paradisiacal beaches of Secret Beach, as well as Hidden Beach and Star Beach!

‘Tour’ DThis tour, somewhat shorter, is developed by Cadlao Lagoon, then visit the beach of Pasandigan, and then pass through Paradise, Natnat, and Bukal. To finish, a stop is also made on the island of Cadlao.

The four possible routes are highly recommended, C may be something more unique and A somewhat more frequent because it goes through well-known places in the archipelago. However, in all of them, you can snorkel, enjoy the biodiversity, see unique aquatic species, as well as take striking photographs. The beaches are white sand, paradisiacal, secluded, dream places that will undoubtedly remain in your memory. On the other hand, inside El Nido, it is also possible to take a motorbike and visit some interesting places on the island. Such as those above Corong Corong beach or, you can go north and visit the Nacpan Beach area, among other places that can be found in this beautiful and exotic island.In short, do not miss this tour in the Philippines. The island of Palawan is a magical environment, unique in the world, full of biodiversity and love of nature, where El Nido offers a place away from the world, from noise, a place where you can find one.

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