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Vietnam bans swimming near Nha Trang Bay

According to the sources, Vietnam has banned swimming and scuba diving at Nha Trang Bay as these activities have damaged coral reefs and this is done in order to protect them.

This stunning country is known for its cheap currency and is popular for its ancient temples and pristine islands.

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The SEAsian nation has around 3200km of coastline and the waters here are amazing and clear hence, this acts as a huge tourism pull. International travellers often visit Vietnam to enjoy swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling on the beaches.

Due to global warming and increased tourist activities, there has been extensive damage to coral reefs. Scientists have warned that this could lead to some serious environmental effects. Some recent photographs of Hon Mun island also showed the real face of the corals, as the reef was bleached and badly damaged.

Officials of Nha Trang Bay management have announced that they will ban swimming and scuba diving activities in the regions around Hon Mun island.

“Evaluate the condition of the sensitive area so that an appropriate plan to enact the sea conservation area,” said a statement from the officials and this new rule will last until further notice.

According to the local media, nearly 60% of the area was covered by living coral in 2020 which has shrunk to less than 50% now. Authorities are blaming climate change, illegal fishing, construction of industrial parks and waste disposal for the present condition.

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