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Vegan Experience at Greater Lot by Cedele, Sentosa – Singapore

Cedele Cafe, which can be seen in many malls, opens a complex restaurant in Sentosa that combines the concepts of baking, retail and casual dining. This store promotes a healthier way of eating. All the ingredients, such as baking, drinks, and dishes, are made without artificial ingredients. Eat healthy and delicious food, watch the sea blowing the sea breeze and comfort.

Fresh & Easy, Food for All– They are dedicated to serving natural and wholesome foods, together with the spread of familiar Cedele bakes and additive-free beverages to fuel you.

A friend recommended me to come here. I am very grateful. Excellent interior design, great atmosphere. At first, I didn’t know what to order, but one of the staff came very quickly and made a good suggestion. Her enthusiasm is appealing and enhances the experience of the entire meal. You could pick anything on their lunch menu and be amazed at how good of a place Greater Lot by Cedele is for lunch. With a variety of options to choose from, you can have your lunch however you like. Sweet or savory, large or small.

Here’s the list of what macrotraveller tried!

Wholesome Brunch Plates (available daily till 3 pm)

Beetroot Hummus Toast – Avocado, feta cheese, and dukkah!

Toast is a great way to kick-start your day healthily. Avocado and Shortcut Beet Hummus Toast is a nutritional powerhouse! I love hummus and avocado! They go so well together and make such a yummy sandwich filling. With its vibrant colors and fresh flavor, look no further than this hummus breadwinner.

Salads (available daily till 6 pm)

Grilled Pumpkin & Broccoli – A excellent tasting combination!

Packed full of nutritious ingredients, this colorful broccoli salad will tickle both your taste buds and appetite. It’s powered by Quinoa, pinto beans, baby radish, shimeiji mushrooms, pine nuts, crispy shallots, toasted coconut flakes, coconut palm dressing. Gluten-free and Vegan. Broccoli and pumpkin make a great combination in this fresh salad. I loved it!

Bowls & Grains (available daily till 6 pm)

Green Pesto Pasta – The wholesome dish!

This healthy superfood green pesto pasta is packed with full of fresh vegetables, basil pesto, kale, zucchini, pine nuts, Grana Padano cheese. Pure basil flavor brings a lively twist to pasta. A hearty, filling vegetarian meal, great for marathon training!

Burgers & Sandwiches (available daily till 6 pm)

Quinoa Cauliflower Falafel– The tastiest quinoa falafel salad, one that could turn salad haters into salad lovers. Packed with labneh, harissa, shimeji mushrooms, fluffy spinach brioche bun. Quinoa is delicious in salads! Delicious and pleasing vegetarian and gluten-free lunch!

Small Plates (available daily, all day)

Kale, Turmeric Lentil Soup & Bread– This Healing Turmeric Lentil & Kale Soup will warm you through. It’s packed with fresh veggies, lentils, and hearty Kale!

Tempeh Chips– Fermented soybean chips served with siracha dip. These tempeh chips are rich in protein, high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

Smoothie Bowl (available daily till 3 pm)

Acai-Start your day off right with this nutrient-packed Acai Smoothie Bowl. It’s light and refreshing, yet ultimately satisfying. Powered with Acai base, seasonal fruit, and berries, yogurt, a drizzle of raw honey, house-made granola, chia seeds.

Desserts (available daily, all day)

Chocolate Walnut Brownie– This dessert makes incredibly moist, rich brownies that are well offset by the addition of walnuts. It’s made of house-made strawberry chia sauce, two scoops of eggless ice-cream (earl grey fig and green tea flavors were picked).

Cold Pressed Juice (available daily, all day)

Orange Celery Ginger– This is a great combination that combines sour citrus with savory orange, celery, and fresh ginger! Drinking orange and celery juice have many benefits. Not only is it delicious but it’s super healthy too.

The service is outstanding, great suggestions and guidance. I will definitely return when I return to Singapore.

Greater Lot by Cedele

Address: #01-08 Sentosa Cove, Quayside Isle, 31 Ocean Way, Singapore 098375

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday, 8 am to 8 pm

Friday to Saturday, 8 am to 10 pm

Sunday, 8 am to 9 pm

FB: @greaterlot

IG: @greaterlot

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