Self-sufficient, sustainable and holistic living is what a perfect home has to be.


Man has always lived a community life. Commune took from this insight and made the idea concrete in the buildings to bring back community living when people need it the most.

Your own house, a place for you and your loved ones, no rent hassles and an address that belongs to you. Isn’t that a reassuring thought? The Commune is a range of designer yet affordable homes with a host of amenities to match your modern day lifestyle. Plus, just the sort of luxury you’d have dreamt of, for your very first home

affordable housing and low-cost housing aren’t the same.

a)Affordable and low-cost housing are often interchangeably used, but are quite different from each other. Low-cost housing is generally meant for EWS category and comprises bare minimum housing facilities.These are part of government schemes only

b)While affordable housing is mostly meant for LIG and MIG, partially HMIG and includes basic amenities like schools, hospitals and other community facilities and services.

Commune Properties is a subsidiary of Golden Gate Constructions which is focused on Value Homes.



Currently they have a offer running “Freedom Fiesta” which started on 15th Aug and go upto 15th Sep and winners will be announced through a luck draw on 5th sep.


Freedom Fiesta is once in a lifetime offer wherein 20 Hyundai Eons to be won for the 20 customers within the first 69 bookings and the rest 49 to gold worth INR 1 Lac.They are also running a referral marketing program wherein 4 lucky referees will win gifts worth 25 thousand worth cash prize and winners of same will be announced on 15th Sep along with the name of the 69 winners 20 of whom will get EON cars and renaming will get 1 lac worth of gold.


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