Utqiagvik, Alaska, won’t see the sun for 65 days

One of the aspects of winter that does not convince many is the fact of enjoying fewer hours of sun a day. Although in India we usually have more than 7 hours of sunlight per day during this time of the year, seeing how it begins to get dark around five in the afternoon can end up lowering the spirits of many people. But, in reality, we are lucky. And it is that there are corners of our planet where they spend more than two months practically in the closed night.

Yes, you read it right. It is likely that you have heard about it on some occasion and how this reality is related to countries like Finland, but we never imagined whole days in the shadows, we never got to look for real examples or to know specific stories. For this reason, it is surprising to find cases like Utqiagvik, an Alaskan city that saw the sunset on November 18 and will not live its next dawn until next January 23, 2019. 65 days of absolute gloom in which the Sun will not exceed the horizon at any time.

It should not be easy to see how it gets dark around you and know that in front you have about two months of almost darkness, in which only appears some ‘light’ during certain moments of the day, which allows to glimpse some objects, but a little plus. The so-called Polar Night has already taken over the Utqiagvik sky and will continue until the middle of the first month of next year. A fascinating reality, but very complicated to imagine.

It is evident that for many people it would be practically impossible to live something like this, but if you are looking for new experiences, without a doubt, this is unmatched. And it also happens on the contrary, during the months of May, June, July, and August. At this time of year, on the other hand, the sun does not hide at any time, and the light and clarity are protagonists during the 24 hours that lasts the day. An opposite phenomenon that also surprises and that brings out the strength of nature and the wonder of our planet and our Solar System.

Life in Utqiagvik changes in summer and in winter, it is transformed for its inhabitants, but also for those who dare to visit it. A trip to this area of the United States, so close to the Arctic Circle, is always a unique and unforgettable experience, but doing it at this time, with the Polar Night, and adapting to the life of its inhabitants is something that marks for life. The sun will come out, and now it’s time to enjoy the darkness.



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