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Universal Studios Sentosa Singapore

Universal Studios a division of NBCUniversal is well known for its rides and attractions worldwide has its Theme park here in Singapore. One of the second theme parks in South East Asia, this park was opened in the year 2011. Located in Sentosa Island and at the centre of Resort World Sentosa is one of the most visited theme parks in Singapore. With area size over 20 hectares, this theme park is full of fun, enjoyment and adventurous.

Getting to Universal Studios is easy as there are many transport options to Sentosa Island or you can take free shuttle service from CBD to Resort World Sentosa. Tickets are priced at 55$ where you can purchase at the entrance or you can book the tickets online. It is better to purchase a ticket at the stand and also better to visit the theme park on weekdays except on national holidays. Also due to its many rides and attractions, it is advisable to visit this theme park if you do not have any other schedule planned.

Universal Studios, Singapore is mainly divided into 7 theme areas Hollywood, New York, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Sci-fi City and Far Far Away. These have their own shares of rides, dining and attractions points. People visiting this theme park can decide to which theme area and rides that they can start with.

Categorized into Universal After hours, Family oriented rides and attractions and Adventurous attractions visitors can visit this park every day from 09:00 to 18:00hrs daily.


Universal After Hours comes to light after sunsets where you can notice vary of options to explore like the parade, fireworks display, Live Band and Food stalls. In Hollywood Parade you can notice your favourite characters parading across the streets of New York, with tribal music of Madagascar or to fairy tale destination of Far Far Away. With their LED-infused Rides, this sure attracts many visitors to explore the nightlife of Universal Studios. Every Saturday you can witness Fireworks display at Lake Hollywood, Hollywood theme area where you can be awestruck by the Bright fireworks in dark sky. There will be live band performances by local bands where you can groove to latest pop/hip hop music also there are many pop up food stalls where you can grab a quick fast food and explore the theme park. After Hours is where you can buy many glow in the dark objects which while exploring will make you get noticed.


For Adventure people this theme park offers various rides and attractions. This includes Rides such as

  1. Battle Star Galactica which is one of its kind roller coaster ride which is battle between humans vs cyclon. This ride is suitable for adults with a perfect condition as it involves high speed with height. With the speed of 90km/hr, this roller coaster is around 1km in length and completes the ride in about 90seconds. With the height equivalent to 14 story building, Battle Star Galactica has 5 inversions.


  1. Accelerator – this is a seater spinning ride where you can whizz spinning through the cup where you would enjoy crazy twists and turns. Suitable for adults this can be accompanied by children under the strict supervision of adults.


  1. Transformers – with its 3D infused ride, Transformers is based on the movie which goes by the same name. This ride is where you would be battling out the Decepticons with the help of Auto-bots and Optimus Prime. Involving subways, high rise building and streets this ride is adventurous, people with motion sickness, dizziness are not allowed to ride as it might prove them fateful. This 3D ride can be opted by adults and children with strict supervision.
  1. Revenge of the Mummy – This ride takes you to prehistoric times like in the movie The Mummy which involves an

    army of beetles, warrior mummies and fireballs. With its high-speed roller coaster line zipping through various artefacts this ride is not advised for people who are having motion sickness/ heart condition.


  1. Jurassic park – Step into the prehistoric period of Jurassic Park where you can white water raft through dinos and other creatures, There are adventures such as water drop and Dino roars where you can be scared or your adrenaline might get pumped up.


  1. Water World – Based on the movie by the same name this involves spectacular live show equipped with death-defying stunts and accompanied by a real-time explosion.


  1. Movie Effects show – This indoor entertainment is based on Steven Spielberg movie where they showcase movie like effects where you are sailing through the rough sea.

Including these rides would be shows and attractions such as the parade, firework display and many such activities which would be exhilarating.


For Family audiences, there are many rides, attractions.

  • Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase – This movie-like special effect includes zipping through space while saving earth from villains. Suitable for kids and children this has a fun-filled ride for them.


  • Treasure Hunter – become a treasure hunter in the midst of excavation sites where this outdoor event is through a motor car ride. Driving through to abandoned excavation sites this is a fun-filled outdoor activity where you can dig and locate the treasure.


  • Amber Rock Climb – This involves a skill challenge where you scale through the walls of The Lost World where you climb to explore fossils and other precious stone.


  • Canopy Flyer – Just like a bird you can fly through the Jungles of Jurassic Park where you can notice the Dino and other prehistoric creatures.
  • Puss In The Boots – This roller coaster ride is exhilarating where you ride atop giant beanstalk with its anti-gravity

    rides this adventurous ride is in search of golden eggs which sits atop the beanstalk.

This includes many other activities such as Magic Portion Spin, Enchanted Airways and Madagascar where it is all family-oriented rides and can be enjoyed by children and elders alike.

There are shows like Elmos TV, Shrek 4-D adventure and Donkey Live where you can enjoy these live interactive shows like you are sitting in a movie theatre.

You have an option for Meet and Greet your favourite characters from Shrek, Transformers, Minions where you can get a picture alongside the characters to cherish your memory of visiting Universal Studious.

There are many places to dine at Universal Studios where you can try out various cuisines ranging from Italian to Indian, be it fast food or a good meal. Universal Studios offers various dining areas such as KT Grill, Mel’s Drive-In, Oasis Spice Cafe, Discovery Food Court or Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court.

There are various shopping centres in this theme park where you can buy your favourite character souvenir so that you might cherish the memory of visiting this theme park.

Destination Singapore
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Destination Singapore
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Destination Singapore
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