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“UNIQUE” Japanese Restaurant | Edo ITC Gardenia




Edo, the most favored Japanese restaurant in the heart of the city, is now open for lunch on all days of the week. Just right for a busy work lunch or a meeting, one can now savor authentic Japanese delicacies served with efficiency and speed in a tranquil ambiance.


Edo – Award-winning, acclaimed Japanese masterpiece restaurant at the ITC Gardenia.


Fresh ingredients, ambiance befitting a fine dining restaurant and excellent service, total value for money! OBENTO is a complete meal which includes elements of Japanese Cuisine in portion sizes suitable for one person. A Traditional Obento includes rice, fish or meat with pickles or cooked vegetables.

Apart from the a la carte menu, the Edo will offer an Obento — a quick lunch option and an Omakase, an elaborate five-course option. You can pick the option you like depending on the amount of time you have.

Note:  Obento is a single portion full meal, very well-known to Japanese cuisine. Other cuisines, across Asia, have similar single meal concept; hope you’re familiar with Thali or Dabba.

The Obento box has elements such as the Oshi-nko (pickled vegetables), Zensai (appetizers), sushi, sashimi, miso soup, tempura, Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard with prawn and chicken), Robatayaki (live grills), Syokuji which is the main course and dessert, Mizugashi.

I tried the other option called, omakase. Omakase is a style of meal where the chef selects the dishes. It translates to ‘I’ll leave it up to you,’ and that’s correct what I did. I had the experience of a traditional meal called Kaiseki, curated by the chef. Each dish was a work of art, both visually and for the senses.



Adding a pleasure to the meal will be signature Japanese non-alcoholic beverage options to choose from. The dessert was spectacular. We were served the Mizu Shingen Mochi, the Japanese Water Cake. The perfectly transparent bubble-shaped cake was served with chocolate soil. The recipe is experimental, yet high. The food at Edo delivers on taste as well was the ‘wow’ factor.



The Obento is priced at Rs 2000++ for Vegetarian and Rs 2250++ for the Non-Vegetarian. Reservations are recommended and can be made on Tel: +918043455000.




Note: Set Menu and a-la carte; Price available on request!

Venue: Edo, ITC Gardenia, # 1, Residency Road,

Bengaluru 560025, India

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