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Turkey will now be known as ‘Turkiye.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently released a statement where he announced that the country of Turkey will now be renaming its name to Turkiye.

Reportedly, the president announced the renaming in early December. This also impacts how the public and foreign nations will address the country. 

As per the statement, the name ‘Turkiye’ represents the Turkish nation’s culture, civilization, and values in the best way.


Credits: Unsplash

The country is called Turkiye in the Turkish language, and the government wants to carry the same name over international recognition. 

Reports have it that the context of strengthening the Turkiye brand where all types of correspondence and activities, especially in official relations with other international institutions, organizations, and countries, will now use the term ‘Turkiye’ instead of ‘Turkey.’

Referring to this, the president stated that Turkiye is accepted as the umbrella brand for the country in national and international venues. So in the future, Made in Turkiye will be appeared on the country’s exports, while the official website GoTurkiye will now undergo rebranding.

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