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Turkey announces strict lockdown amid the rise of coronavirus cases

President of Turkey,  Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced a strict lockdown in the country from April 29th to May 17th in order to curb rising coronavirus cases.

He said that all business in Turkey will remain closed unless otherwise stated by the interior ministry. Supermarkets will remain open on all days except Sundays, Permission would be needed for Interstate travel and all schools should switch to online learning.

The president also said without stricter restrictions and curbing infection rates, the country would pay a heavy price for tourism, trade, and education. The president is aiming for daily infection rates to be as minimal as possible which currently stands at over 34,000+.

Previously, Turkey has issued partial lockdowns when the country lifted the restrictions in March. However, after the restrictions were lifted, the virus cases surged and the country has been reporting a huge number of coronavirus positive cases.

Destination Turkey
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Destination Turkey
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Destination Turkey
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