Trip to Modhera & Patan, Gujarat

During my visit to Gujarat as a part of the FAM trip, I had a chance to visit many tourist destinations in the country. And during my visit, I had an opportunity to visit Modhera and Patan.

Modhera is a town located in Mehsana District, Gujarat which is known for its sun temple. Located on the bank of river Pushpavati this town is believed to be a place where Lord Rama performed yagna to cleanse the killing of Brahmin Ravana.

One of the top tourist attractions places here is the Sun Temple. This is dedicated to Lord Surya and was built after 1026-27 CE during the reign of Bhima I of the Chalukya Dynasty. You can refer to my blog on Sun Temple here (Will provide another blog on Sun Temple).

Apart from the Sun Temple, another main tourist attraction place here is Gyaneshwari Stepwell which is said to be constructed around the 16-17th century, this is a particular stepwell that has a shrine at the first pavilion instead of the usual at the end.

We explored the Sun Temple town and made our way to another destination which was said to be the capital of the Chalukya Dynasty. Patan is said to be established by Vanraj Chavada from Chavda Dynasty who ruled present-day Gujarat around 690-942 AD.

This historical place is located right beside the now extinct Saraswati River, it has an old market that is said to be operational since the rule of Vaghelas.

During our visit to Patan, we had an opportunity to visit the famous Rani ki Vav. This famous stepwell has been featured in the new 100 Rs INR note released by the Reserve Bank of India.

Located on the banks of the Saraswati River, Rani ki Vav was constructed during the Chalukya Dynasty rule. Considered one of the finest stepwell architecture in the state of Gujarat, it measures approximately 65 metres (213 ft) long, 20 metres (66 ft) wide and 28 metres (92 ft) deep.

The stepwell is divided into seven levels of stairs which lead down to a deep circular well. The walls, pillars, columns, beams and brackets here are carved with beautiful architecture and it is said that there are around 212 pillars in the stepwell which houses over 500 principle sculptures and over a thousand minor sculptures. The ornamentation of stepwell depicts the entire universe inhabited by gods and goddesses; celestial beings; men and women; monks, priests and laity; animals, fishes and birds including real and mythical ones; as well as plants and trees.

We spent an entire day exploring the city of Patan and also the famous Rani ki Vav which made my visit to Gujarat special as I had a rich learning experience on the history of Gujarat.

Destination Gujarat India
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Destination Gujarat India
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