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Traveling to Las Vegas? Here are the top places where to stay

Las Vegas is a different destination that deserves to be visited once in a lifetime. If there is a place where you should not worry about where to sleep, this is it! Finding a good place to stay in Las Vegas is mild: the city is known for its spectacular casinos and hotels. Besides, due to the abundant supply, prices are considerably lower than the average for the United States.

When one travels to Las Vegas, it is difficult to choose where to stay for the night and that, the well-known city has a large number of hotels for all tastes. Therefore, in this post, I will share where to stay in Las Vegas to enjoy the most of your stay.

I will list them in order of which I consider going from best to worst. I included approximate prices and advantages (and discounts) of each one.

Big Question – When to visit Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is located in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. And when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. When you visit the city, in your journey you will go through an arid and desolate desert for practically 3 hours.

It is a beautiful landscape the truth, but being located in a desert, you will imagine what the weather is like, right?

From June until the end of September, the heat is unbearable. Hence, all hotels have huge pools. The streets are very busy at night and the prices of the hotels where to stay in Las Vegas skyrocket.

In the low season, it is cold as soon as the sun goes down. But it’s an excellent time to travel to Las Vegas because there are usually not so many people, and hotel prices are more affordable.

May and October could be the best months to visit this beautiful city.

Also, I recommend that, if you can, visit Las Vegas during the week. Most people in California go to the city between Friday and Saturday, and hotels usually cost twice as much.

Also, since there is only one road to get in and out of Las Vegas, the traffic that is generated on Sundays at noon / late is horrible. Avoid it at all costs!

During the week, as the rooms have to be filled, the prices tend to drop drastically unless there is a special event.

Now that I have recommended when to go, here is the list of places to stay in Las Vegas.

1) Hotel Paris

The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful and striking of the strip. It has an identical replica of the Eiffel Tower and another of the Arc de Triomphe. The interior of the hotel also follows a European style (artificial) and also has the typical casino, infinity of restaurants, cafes and other places of entertainment for all ages.

The Best: Without a doubt, its location. The hotel is located in the center of the famous strip. It is very close to any other site. It is an elegant, luxury hotel and, after all, you are in “Paris.” Oh, the la!

The attention to the public is exceptional; the rooms are spacious and also accept to stay with dogs. They have an elite plant for people traveling with pets.

The not so good: The price. Depends on the time you visit Las Vegas can exceed 200$ per night.

2) Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo hotel is located opposite Paris and is next to one of the best-known hotels in Las Vegas, the Bellagio.

Although, it’s not as luxurious as the well-known Bellagio, its location is strategic, and it is an excellent option to stay in Las Vegas.

The good: Like Paris, the location of Monte Carlo is perfect. The hotel is very good, relatively new and the rooms are spacious.

The not so good: The truth is that there is nothing negative about this hotel. Prices are around 70-150$ per night. Maybe the lack of activities inside the hotel, but except that is a very good option if you want to save and be located in a good place.

3) Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace holds the title of being the oldest hotel on the strip. It’s almost an institution in Las Vegas, and if you want to take that memory of staying in the first of these characteristics that built the city, then you should stay here.

The good: Its location and “historical” character of the hotel. It’s big, and there are always places to stay. Besides, it is usually the hotel that hosts some of the most important concerts such as C√©line Dion, Elton John, Rod Stewart or Shania Twain.

Not so good: It is not the newest hotel, and although they have done remodeling work, I think it does not justify the price that usually ranges from 150-200 dollars depend on the season.

4) New York-New York

The good thing about the strip of Las Vegas is that you are touring different cities of the world. And in this place could not miss a hotel dedicated to New York. The New York-New York hotel has a scale replica of the Statue of Liberty as well as part of the skyscrapers that make up the New York skyline.

The good: The style. Like its neighbor Paris, it has adopted a unique style, and you can traverse a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge. The atmosphere inside is very good and has many activities inside the hotel and pool. It’s beautiful, and the price is also affordable. You can stay for about 70-80 dollars depending on the time.

Not so good: Its location is located at the beginning of the strip, so it is not in the thick of everything. But you can go to the other attractions walking without a problem. I think it can be an excellent option to stay in Las Vegas for those who do not want to pay so much and still have a unique first experience. Yes, prepare to walk.

5) Bally’s

Bally’s in a hotel that belongs to Paris, but it’s cheaper. It is also located next to the Parisian hotel and share the parking lot. It is something older.

The best: Its location and price/quality. It’s not a luxury hotel, but it’s excellent for the price you pay (about 60-70$ per night). Also accepts pets, that if you usually go with pets, it’s an advantage.

Not so good: It has nothing bad, but it is a hotel like any other. So if you’re looking for the experience of the Las Vegas theme hotel here, you will not find it.

6) Tropicana

Finally, Tropicana is a hotel that is located at the beginning of the strip or Las Vegas Boulevard. It has been recently renovated and has a Hawaiian-tropical style with bamboo everywhere.

The good: Its pool, its remodeled rooms and the modern style that is breathed inside. It has an affordable price (65-80$ per night), and the staff is amiable.

The not so good: Your location. It is the hotel that is farthest from all, and you will have to walk along the strip to see the other attractions.

This is my list of locations to stay in Las Vegas. If I visit a new hotel, I will add it to this list depending on preferences. I hope you found it useful.

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