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Travel to Italy with North Italian Food Festival


Alto Vino is one of my best places in Bangalore to enjoy the taste of Italy. The festival is also coming alive by blending delectable Italian cuisine with finely crafted wines, under the expertise of sommeliers, Aditya Lamba and Viraj Sawant.

Marriott Whitefield’s specialty Italian restaurant, Alto Vino, is organising a unique North Italian Food Festival from February 27, 2017, to March 09, 2017. Chef Marou, who hails from the North region of Italy, has specially crafted this festival to bring the culture and flavours of the territory to the people of Bengaluru. Alto Vina at the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel provides this same opportunity for the residents of the city!

Alto Vino’s North Italian Food Festival!

A lot of people today are acquainted with Italian cuisine and associate it with various varieties of pastas and pizzas. However, just like India. Italian cuisine also varies considerably from one region to another. To highlight the uniqueness and authenticity of North Italy, which places emphasis on herbs and garlic as key ingredients, and also to showcase how local habits and traditions have resulted in forming the distinctive flavours of this cuisine. Chef Marou has put his heart and soul into designing a food fest that is sure to tantalise the taste buds of diners.

Speaking about the festival, Chef Marou, Italian Chef at Alto Vino, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel, Whitefield, said, “The beautiful thing about Italian cuisine is the regional variety it possesses. North Italian cuisine incorporates plenty of butter, herbs and garlic in its preparations, while ‘veal’ is a widely popular dish amongst Northerners, especially in the spring. The diversity and richness of Italy’s culinary culture are reflected in India as well, and we wanted to celebrate that by offering a North Italian spread to our guests. We sincerely hope that our diners will enjoy this experience.”

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I was asked to be part of the tasting table to unveil the new menu prepared by the Chef Marou. A first class gastronomic delight of decadence in culinary pleasure!

Jatin Khanna, General Manager, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, commented on the initiative saying, “In a cosmopolitan city like Bengaluru, people are always looking for authentic and real experiences that open up the heart of a different culture to them. Italian cuisine is gaining popularity in the city, and we are excited to cater to this growing demand by holding a unique Food Fest on our property.”

Italian Food – Amazing!

The menu has been created with ingredients that are renowned for Italian cuisine. With fresh herbs and spices, zesty tomatoes and creamy cheese, Chef Marou will create the perfect blend of flavors. He is Genius in Italian Food!


Traditional Italian dishes like ‘Insalata di Verdure di Prato’ – a combination of raw and marinated grill vegetable basil cream cheese. ‘Lingua di Vitello in salsa verde’ – veal tongue served with citrusy green sauce, ‘Vitello tonnato’ – veal slow cooked and served with tuna and capers sauce or ‘Pizzoccheri di Teglio’ – fresh buckwheat pasta. The lavish spread also featured an Italian special; ‘Cotolettaalla Milanese’ which is a breaded marinated veal rack served with sautéed potato and is widely savored in the North of Italy.

The raw and marinated vegetables such as zucchini, carrots and broccoli served on a layer of basil cream cheese in the starter Insalata di Vergue di Prato (Lombardia) tasted fresh.

Potato Gnocchi toasted in lamb ragout, and cream of porcini.

Veal slow cooked and served with tuna and capers sauce.

Buckwheat Fresh Pasta!

Cannelloni stuffed with Spinach, ricotta and mascarpone served in a bed of basil tomato sauce.

Marinated breaded chicken breast, melted Fontina cheese, tagliolini pasta and black truffle

Marinated seabass tossed in cherry tomato.

Divine Desserts!

Crunchy Chocolate and Strawberry Pannacotta.

The highlight of the Alto Vino Food Festival – Wines.

The imported white wines Ricossa Gavi DOCG rom Piemonte and Villa Antinori from Toscana and the Red Wine Santa Cristina from Tuscany are excellent accompaniments. The fruity Toscana wine counterpart the earthy starters.

Indulge in the variety and richness of North Italian cuisine with Chef Marou and his team at Alto Vino, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, only till 9th of March 2017! Hurry Up!


Where: Alto Vino, Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield

When: February 27- March 09, 2017

Timings: Dinner 7 PM to 10:30 PM

Contact: +91 8884477218, +91 80 49435000

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