Travel Etiquette as a Traveller

Travel, hearing the word you will be excited, if you explore and learn a new culture, new language and new adventures then you should travel to different places to experience these changes. It is said that every person should travel at least 2 long trips per year and various short trips so that you can stay happy and longer. There are many benefits of travelling such as it increases your social and communication skills, gives peace of mind which in turn helps you in getting creative thoughts, travelling increases your tolerance for uncertainty, helps you boost your confidence and last but not the least it creates memories which will be present for your lifetime.

People visit various places depending on their genre of travel, some people might visit popular tourist places while some want to explore some of the non-touristy places. And what is the best way to stay while you visit your favourite destination, its to stay at hotels. Before going to the hotel you check their rating, amenities provided, distance from popular tourist destinations etc. Depending on their amenities provided guests rate the hotel which they have stayed in various stay aggregators like and also would have commented on what they liked and what they did not like about staying at the hotel. Depending on that people choose to place of stay and the hotels are rated accordingly.

According to the customer ratings and reviews the hotels are classified in 5*,4* and so on… The star rating to the hotel will be considered on the luxury of stay provided. The highest-rated hotels provided ultimate luxury and the luxury keeps decreasing gradually while the star rating decreases.

Top-rated hotels provide you all the amenities needed for your travel be it a bathrobe, slippers, shower and shower cap, bath amenities, tea and coffee making machine, iron and iron board, safety deposit box, cutlery, TV with DVD/Satellite access, music systems etc. Here you would not feel that you are missing from home.

With the amenities provided by the hotels for our stay, we should be returning the same favour with keeping their arts and artefacts safe and sound. However, according to recent reports around 40% of hotel thievery has been happened with customers picking up hotel items which they are not supposed to pick. However, it is noticed that some of the kleptomaniacs steal whatever is present in the hotel room and will leave the hotel once their vacation ends. There has been an incident of people stealing items which is one of expenditure to hotel management.

There are a list of things which you can pick up while you are leaving and as a matter of fact, hotel authorities do not mind if you pick these things up as they feel in a way you are promoting the hotel. These things include Dental Kit, Shower Cap, Body lotion, Comb, soap and other toiletries, vanity and shaving kits, laundry bags, tea and coffee powders, milk cream, slippers, water bottles, stationery and some items which are usually are related to hygiene and cannot be used by other people. However, some items like tea and coffee machine, hangers, alarm clock, kettle, bathrobe, curtain, bed covers, light bulbs etc are a big no-no when it comes to packing them while you are leaving.

Hence please follow these travel etiquette while you are staying at any hotels and also as a traveller, being a representative of a country do not indulge in stealing some of the hotel items which are not meant to be and cause an embarrassment to one’s country.

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