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I travel for Experiences and journey rather than destinations and would do that for eternity.Recently i had planned a family Vacation to UK for 10 days and started with my regular way of planning an itinerary, Reading fellow bloggers and online information on places of interest and tips and tricks to use in UK.One of them had recommended to take Travel Card for easy and safe travel,Haven’t Tried using a travel Card till date during my previous travel escapades.The recommendation was interesting and i decided to give it a shot and as a regular traveller, experimenting with new technologies is something i am always ready to try it out.

After doing my share of Research online,I decided to Try out #ICICITravelCard as i already have a bank account with them and being my primary transactional account,i reached out to them and got the details on how the #ICICITravelCard works.You can avail the Travel Card even if you dont have your bank account as well with that respective bank.

ICICI Bank Multicurrency Travel Card allows you to carry upto 15 currencies on one single card which will be highly helpful for me as i travel atleast 4-6 Countries a year and this easily allows me to just refill my travel card with any multiple currency without any hassle. I went to the bank and got my #ICICITravelCard and loaded pounds to it and it offers fixed exchange rates, thus protecting the traveller from fluctuations in currency conversions.I was concerned on the Exchange rates as i was travelling just after a few days after the BREXIT and was worried on the Fluctuations of the exchange rate that was solved by the Travel Card.The best thing about the entire process is that there are no hidden costs as well and its transparent too.The process of buying and loading the card was also pretty easy with instant loading and activation which can we done in the last minute as well for a impromptu traveller like me who would like to do unplanned trips as well. Moreover, it can be conveniently reloaded anytime from anywhere in the world online through a mobile app as well as web portal.

The ICICI Bank Multicurrency Travel Card comes with a free replacement card that can be activated instantly in case of loss/ theft/ damage of the Primary Card.It also offers various additional benefits including comprehensive Travel Insurance, free emergency travel assistance, zero lost card liability, and much more.The ICICI Bank Multicurrency Travel Card can be used for transactions anywhere across the world except India, Nepal, Bhutan currently.One super cool part is the Card can be used for e-com transactions from India on international merchant sites like,, etc.As we know, some of these websites have some super deals and if you are travelling to these locations, why not buy it online with your travel card.

Once i got my card activated,i decided to change my pin and visited the ICICI Bank ATM in Malleswaram to change the PIN for my convenience.

As my journey Kickstarted from Bangalore and arrived in London in the wee hours in the morning.The first time i always do when i reach a destination is to buy a local SIM to keep myself updated and connected and of course to do social media posts as well.

I decided to buy the SIM which costed me 30 pounds for a 10 days 10 GB data plan and unlimited local and international calls.I used my travel card for the first time and i could use it like a regular debit/credit card and voila.This was quick and next i used the card was to buy my Heathrow express to travel to London City and buying the ticket also was such a breeze.

Once i reached my hotel, Hilton Paddington London, i again used my forex card to pay the bill and it just works so easy rather than carry a bundle of notes and afraid of being mugged or losing it as well is reduced.

My Family and i went to dinner and we figured out that the Travel Card gives upto 15% discounts are available at select outlets which you can check it out here

Using Tavel Card, this will be the last thing i would do, i.e withdraw money from an ATM using Travel Card ,but that is also possible for urgent cash requirements but there are additional charges levied by the Bank owning the ATM and ICICI as well.

I even used travel card to book my cabs and go around the city using UBER.All i need is just a Travel card and i can travel anywhere in the world without money hassle.

Most of the tourist attractions entrance tickets were paid using Travel Card and one stop card for everything just makes life easier and hassle free.

For more information on ICICI Bank Travel Card:Click Here

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