Transit passengers from 153 nations have been banned in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong airport has announced a ban on transit passengers from 153 nations, including India. Given the current situation of Covid cases rising, the government of Hong Kong announced to put a cap on the increasing number of covid-19 cases on Friday.

They are known for following China-like quarantine procedures, including weeks-long quarantine, strict lockdowns, and mass testing. Hong Kong has recognized the 153 countries and has divided into Group A, where arrivals from these countries should follow 21 days of mandatory quarantine.

The government also said that people who have been to any of these 153 nations in the last three weeks would also be banned from transiting from 16th January onwards. Group A includes India, Pakistan, Canada, France, the Philippines, Australia, Britain, and the United States have already been banned from arriving in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is suffering from an Omicron outbreak that began from a crew that breached quarantine rules. All covid restrictions have been reinstated, including social distancing, the closing of gyms, and stopping operations of restaurants from 18:00hrs.

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