Destination Maldives

Trans Maldivian Seaplane experience in Maldives

The Maldives a cluster of islands which lies on the Indian Ocean has some of the world’s famous Coral Reefs, pristine blue waters and famous for adventure sports, honeymoon spots of the world as it lies in the ocean where there are not many rough tides which attracts many tourists. There are many ways to travel to Island which consists of major 4 international airports which cater to International Tourist to visit the Island nation.


The Maldives consists of around 1200 Coral Islands and differentiated into 26 Atolls, out of 1200 Coral Islands only 200 Islands are inhabited. Most of the inhabited islands are found in the northern part of Maldives. The Island nation is one of low lying nation in the world where this lies around 1.5 meters above sea level which makes it one of the must-visit places in the world.


Getting a visa is easy for Indian Citizens where they provide 90 days of free visa on arrival at Male International Airport. The currency of Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa.

One of the most comfortable and must have experience in the Maldives is exploring the island via Sea Plane. Sea Plane is a powered wing flight which has the capability of taking off and landing on the vast water body. They are one of the amphibious air-crafts which has the capability of landing on land too.

Sea Plane should be on every traveller bucket list to do in the Maldives because it is one of the ways that you can check the archipelago in birds-eye-view with coral beds, blue waters, aquatic animals you can click amazing photos and bring inner photography skills in you.

There are many Sea Planes charters across various islands of Maldives, however, Trans Maldivian Airways is most trusted, largest Charter planes in the island and one of oldest too.

Trans Maldivian Airways was founded in 1989 and they operate from Male International Airport and Gan International Airport. They offer various charter flights to one of the numerous atolls of the Maldives such as Shaviyani Atoll, Baa Atoll, Kaafu Atoll. They offer services such as Scenic flights, resort transfers and domestic air services.


This is one of the quick modes of transport if you are in a hurry or you need to explore the island once you land, you can board seaplane however the catch here is that you need to land in Male international airport before 16:00hrs as after the mentioned time there will be no services of seaplanes.


Sea Plane’s generally fly over low altitude where you can notice a cluster of islands and the coral reef formations, white sands and island forests. It is mesmerizing to notice how islands are formed and how it has been inhabited.

Earlier as mentioned before Trans Maldivian Airways offer various Scenic Flights and Domestic Air Services, you can take their assistance in travelling from the resort to international airport and vice-versa, enjoy natures beauty from above and also click a photo or two.

Destination Maldives
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