Gold Coast is a city located in the state of Queensland, just 70 km from Brisbane. In the last 50 years, it has gone from being a group of isolated towns to being a city where about 480,000 people live. Thus, it is one of the most visited destinations in the country and the seventh most important city in Australia. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Australia for its climate, its ideal beaches for surfing throughout the year and its economic potential. Everything together is what makes Gold Coast an attractive and unique city in which to live.

Whether for a family vacation, a break on the beach or in a sophisticated resort, the Gold Coast has the answer. Find a modern environment of bars and restaurants, excellent shopping and coffee rides among the towns along the coast. Enjoy golf courses, find new and exciting attractions in world-class theme parks or simply reach the unique beaches and surf in the sun all year round.

1) Soak up the sun on the best beaches in Gold Coast!

See the sunrise over the sandy beaches and the sparkling Pacific Ocean; With the 57 kilometers of coastline that this city offers, you will have? Options to spare. Walk on the sand with the locals, or head to Surfers Paradise to have fun by the sea and have easy access to drinks and ice cream. Surf incredible waves at The Spit or Mermaid Beach.

Surfers Paradise – It is probably one of the most famous tourist places in the Gold Coast and throughout Australia. In this area, you will find skyscrapers, beaches, and shopping centers.

2) Get excited and have fun at the Gold Coast Theme Parks!

Find water parks, extreme mountains, and characters from your favorite movies at the Gold Coast theme parks. Experience the attraction of Justice League 3D and meet cartoon characters on Main Street at Warner Bros. Movie World. Swim in Wet’n’Wild, play with the dolphins at Sea World or head to Dreamworld and experience its eight great attractions.

3) Explore the exuberant interior of the Gold Coast!

Deviate from the beach and explore the magic of the Great Hinterland Walk. Pass through the rainforests considered World Heritage, Lamington, and Springbrook, where you will have access to an ancient volcano and a spectacular waterfall amid the incredible beauty and native wildlife. Get up close to a crocodile or hug the koalas in the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

4) Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!

Have you thought about having the possibility of hugging a koala? And feed a kangaroo?

These are some of the activities that can be done inside this wild sanctuary that is the tourist attraction that best portrays everything we imagine when we talk about Australia. In addition to the contact with typical animals of the Australian jungle, visitors know the lifestyle and customs of the aboriginal villages and can still test their courage in challenges within the Adventure Park.

5) Visit the villages of Gold Coast!

Explore the different neighborhoods of Coast, each with its atmosphere. Rent a bicycle and walk along Old Burleigh Road, from Surfers Paradise and its pleasant atmosphere to the beautiful Broadbeach, with its wide variety of coffee, such as the vegetarian delight Cardamom Pod. Stay in the sophisticated Southport or Main Beach, or in Nobby Beach and Burleigh Heads, which are modern and relaxed surfing neighborhoods.

6) Get on the water to play sports and have fun in Gold Coast!

Divide yourself with the jet skis on an exciting excursion along the coast. Let your adrenaline shoot up in a motorboat. Learn to paddleboard or surf at one of the many schools along the coast. See sea turtles, rays, and seahorses when diving, or for beginners, learn with the Discover Scuba Diving experience.

7) Skydive Gold Coast and SkyPoint Climb!

Gold Coast is a beautiful city and watching it from the top of an airplane or during a parachute jump is an experience never to forget. Many companies offer the opportunity to parachute for visitors – which leaves the trip more exciting.

In a country that is known for its barren outback, probably very little expect an impressive Skywalk. The Skypoint Climb above the Q1 building, however, proves the opposite, offering breathtaking skywalk overlooking the magnificent Gold Coast. Visitors can catch including a view of the great surf and golden beaches and the tropical mountain ranges.

8) Shop at the best boutiques and markets in Gold Coast!

Find vintage clothes and an eclectic bohemian atmosphere at the Village Markets on Sundays in Burleigh Heads. Or, go to the Village Markets, where 500 seats and lots of free entertainment will keep you busy throughout the weekend. Head to the Harbor Town shopping center to get excellent deals and get your dose of fashion at the Pacific Fair Shopping Center.

The best shopping center (Fair) in Gold Coast has everything for everyone! Inside there are SPA’s, beautiful spaces, shops and more stores, as well as jewelry shops, food court and leisure areas, with games and toys of the most varied types.

9) Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves!

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You will think you are in another world, participating in a trip to the incredible caves of this natural amusement park, which pleases everyone. No matter the age, every visitor who enters the park, leaves delighted.

10) Visit Surfer’s Paradise Beach!

A trip of three kilometers on the Gold Coast, the “Paradise of the Surfer” deserves this name. One of the best places to surf in the world, it has some of the best waves on the planet.

But if surfing is not your beach, do not worry. The vast expanse of white sand not only guarantees moments for those who want to lie down in the sun, as it also pleases those who want to practice sports such as volleyball, for example.

Gold coast is also famous for scuba diving.

Do you already know about Gold Coast in Australia? Leave your suggestions in the comments!



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