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Top 7 Things to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Always at the top of Vietnam’s top destinations, the old town of Hoi An, with its old jewels and its pleasant little corners, will enchant you at any time of your stay. Hoi An is a magical city with a real personality. The streets, the houses, the atmosphere have made a unique place. What to do in Hoi An and what to visit are, now before our eyes, the simplest questions with the selection of 7 experiences to absolutely try in Hoi An.

Ride along the streets of the old district of Hoi An

Hoi An was among the most important port of Southeast Asia between the 17th and 18th centuries. It was at its peak a stopover for international merchants including Dutch, Polish, Chinese and Japanese. Its uniqueness lies mainly in the architectural peculiarities of the old buildings, the mossy walls, the bridge and its pier which all harmoniously rub shoulders with the restaurants along the alleyways. In this timeless city, stroll through a peaceful atmosphere in the middle of low houses, much of which probably has not changed for centuries.

The most beautiful remains of Hoi An are found on both banks of the Hoai River spanned by the Japanese bridge linking Tran Phu and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai streets. Its communal houses, its shops, its temples, and pagodas … constitute a living museum well preserved despite so many vicissitudes of the country. Let yourself be enchanted by the traces of yesteryear exuded by a beautiful blend of traditional styles and Japanese and Chinese cultural influences.

In the nostalgic postcard of Hoi An, the childhood of several generations is the yellow walls of the low old houses. A colour that reigns in its narrow streets makes them splendid in its own way, the rainy days like days of sunshine. In the quiet atmosphere of a small neighbourhood without building or motor vehicle, its ancient jewels can, without you knowing it, touch the deepest of your sensitivity. The soul of Hoi An, the 16th-century pagoda bridge, also a metaphorical bridge linking the past and the present, is a must stop for your visit to the old city. This work of rare beauty is renowned for a fine interculturality through its architecture, its patterns, and also its colours of time.

Other important Hoi An heritages are the ancient Tan Ky houses, Phung Hung, Quang Thang, common Chinese houses of Phuc Kien, Chau Trieu, Quang Dong, Ngu Bang, Ong Pagoda (or Quan Cong Temple).

  1. Night city, lantern world

High in light, the old Hoi An at dusk still charms but in an exceptional way with its thousand lanterns. Rare are those who do not adore the sparkling cute streets in this fairy light.

A nocturnal stroll along the Hoai River just to contemplate the marvellous city enlivened by folk songs and dances, lanterns shining on the water including the 14th day of the lunar month with the full moon, will be a unique experience. You will enjoy unforgettable moments wandering the night market of Hoi An while discovering charming memories.

  1. Cooking class in Hoi An

In a friendly and friendly setting overlooking the greenery, blue cords of land explain, with great care, the recipes of local specialities and the country, it tempts you? The “Banh xeo,” “goi cuon,” “tam huu,” the sauce made from the famous “nuoc mam” brine, and so many other tasty dishes that are among the most popular dishes, lend themselves to your culinary passion. Travelers. A cooking class in Hoi An is all the more memorable as beginners can get acquainted with practical Vietnamese words through warm conversations.

  1. Cycling in the countryside

Visit Hoi An in the suburbs is no less pleasant that will give you the opportunity to go to the nearest rural life. It is a picturesque landscape painted by its peaceful and green rice fields and vegetable fields on which visitors can chat with the smiling peasants and discover their methods of traditional culture. Hiking or cycling in the wilderness, besides its breath of air breathed, will also end with beautiful shots of the sunset.

It is the meeting with the farmers in the market garden village of Tra Que, the organic village of Cam Thanh … or with the craftsmen of traditional craft villages which will immerse you in the authentic life of Hoi An. Namely including the villages of carpentry Kim Bong, Thanh Ha pottery, Phuoc Kieu bronze foundry … etc.

  1. “Cao Lau,” top culinary specialities of Hoi An

Along with its architecture at the crossroads of Chinese and Japanese cultures, Hoi An’s cuisine also presents the quintessence of the latter by creating recipes of its own character. “Cao Lau” is a prime example of this, convincing so many travellers during their stopover in Hoi An as one of their greatest surprises in Vietnam. Simple but delicious, a bowl of “Cao Lau” consisting of thick yellow noodles, pork slices, and aromatic herbs and the special sauce is a real treat.

  1. Hoi An, Capital of Custom Clothes

In addition to the abundance of pretty shops, tailor-made clothes also make the reputation of Hoi An where you can receive your custom-made garment ordered within 24 or 48 hours. A very good idea also for your question “What to do in Hoi An?”. The same goes for Vietnamese dresses, bags and quality shoes that are made with its thousands and tailors, with great flexibility and especially at a very affordable price.

  1. Beaches of Hoi An, one of the most beautiful in Asia

With its immaculate beaches recently unveiled, Hoi An’s treasure is not limited to cultural heritage classified by Unesco. The city also plays the card of seaside paradise hosting, not far from its old quarter, beaches as adorable as An Bang, Cua Dai, and Ha My which are respectively 3km, 5km, and 7km from the center. The beach Ha My, a sleeping beauty awakened in recent years, even less popular, is among the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

After the enchantment of discovering the beautiful architecture and peaceful countryside, relax on the edge of its banks of sublime sand and turquoise waters, more than ever your stay in Hoi An sees its fence fully fill.

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