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Top 7 Malaysian Foods To Die For | #MacroTraveller

Malaysia is an absolute mecca for every foodie. Because in Malaysia there is not one kitchen, you go on a culinary journey through the different cultures of the country. The cuisine of Malaysia is characterized by Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western influences. In addition to many great restaurants, the street food scene in Malaysia is legendary. At countless food stalls in the country, you get delicacies at reasonable prices.

You should definitely try the following 7 dishes and drinks, and I’ll tell you where you get the best.

  1. NASI LEMAKNasi Lemak is the Malaysian classic that you already eat for breakfast but also at any other time of the day. The main ingredient is steamed rice in coconut milk and pandanus leaves. To this end, Sambal Ikan Bilis, a spicy chili sauce, served. But also cucumber slices, roasted peanuts, dried anchovies and a hard-boiled egg are included. Nasi Lemak is indeed in every restaurant, but also on many food stalls artfully packed in banana leaves or newspaper.
  1. ROTI CANAIThe traditional breakfast throughout Malaysia is Roti Canai: various curries that are eaten with the help of bread called roti. Roti is a simple dough flat cake similar to Indian chapati baked on a hot plate or tandoor.

Roti tisu is a thinner version of the traditional Roti canai. When baking, a “little hat” is formed from the Roti and baked crispy on all sides. Roti tisu is often served coated with margarine, honey, condensed milk, and peanuts.

The third known and tasty version of Roti is called Murtabak. For this, the “pancake” is filled with eggs and/or meat and rolled into a pie. Murtabak is served with spicy sauces.

  1. IPOH SAR HOR FUNPic Credits : Ipoh Sar Hor Fun

Ipoh Sar Hor fun is a traditional noodle soup from Ipoh in the interior of Malaysia. Used for this are fine flat rice noodles from Ipoh, which are cooked in a soup of chicken, spring onions, and shrimp. At the top, there are red chilli and fried onions on top.

The best Ipoh Sar Hor Fun is in the Kong Heng restaurant in Ipoh. Delicious popiah, Malaysian spring rolls, satay kebabs and soy milk on ice are also served here.

  1. LAKSALaksa is next to Nasi Lemak the national dish of Malaysia.  It is a kind of tropical bouillabaisse with noodles and many different spices. Depending on the region, the soup is prepared differently. In Penang, the soup tastes very different than in Melaka, or in the Sarawak region of Borneo. In this soup, the Malay and Chinese influences combine to the so-called Nonya or Peranakan cuisine.

The best Sarawak Laksa is at Poh Lam Laksa at the Chong Choon Café in Kuching.

  1. STEAM BOATSteam Boat, often called Hot Pot, Chinese Fondue or Fire Pot, is found in many restaurants throughout Malaysia. But also at food stalls, there are usually hot pots with boiling bouillon, in which you can cook different meat and fish kebabs, but also kebabs with vegetables and seafood and can eat directly standing up.

You will find the best steamboat stall at the end of Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. Here each table has its own fire pot. At the food stall, you pick out your skewers, which you then cook themselves at the table. There are delicious spicy sauces. In the end, you will be charged according to the number of skewers.

  1. PUTU BAMBUPutu Bambu is a Malaysian dessert made from rice flour, grated coconut and coconut blossom sugar, which is steamed in bamboo tubes. The tubes have 3 points inside to hold a metal sieve so that the filling does not come into contact with water when steaming. Once cooked, the mass is just pushed out of the bamboo tubes with chopsticks

You can find Putu Bambu at some food stalls around the Chow Kit Wet Market in Kuala Lumpur.

  1. AIR TEBUTebu is called sugar cane juice in Malaysia. Tebu means sugar cane and air implies water. Air tebu with lime and lots of ice cream is sold in Malaysia by countless street vendors.

The best Air tebu is in Kuching in the Top Spot Food Court on the upper deck of a parking garage in the city center. Incidentally, there is also the best seafood in the city.

Have you ever been to Malaysia and do you like the country and their cuisine as much as I do? Did I forget a great dish? Do let me know and comment your favorite Malaysian dish.

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