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Times Square, New York Experience

Times Square is probably one of the most heard names and when you plan your trip to New York, people suggest you visit this place without miss. No trip to New York is complete without stepping your foot in Times Square. Times Square is a major commercial station, an intersection, tourist destination located in midtown Manhattan in New York City. Once you enter Times Square you would notice how busy the streets are and this place is full of billboards, light boards and hoardings. The Times Square stretches from 42nd West to 47th West streets of NYC and is nicknamed The Great White Bay, The Center of the Universe etc. Due to its popularity, Times Square has estimated 50million+ visitors every year and daily the footfall count would be around 350,000.

As we know as Times Square at present, it was not called by this name before and was called Longacre Square, later in 1904 when The New York Times moved their office to this section it was called One Times Square and later it was renamed as Times Square.  This has been a place where the traditional New Year’s Eve Ball drop was started back in 1907 and is still in practice even till this date. You can notice One Times Square a huge building that opened and by this, the name of Longacre Square was changed to Times Square. This place was filled with electric hoardings and advertisements since the 1920s and thus became one of the iconic places to visit in New York.

The Times Square is filled with Theaters, Broadway, Hotels and Music halls and this is where legendary performers like Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire are said to have performed.  Times Square is said to have 2 triangles where the Northern Triangle has no specific name, the Southern Triangle is known as Father Duffy Square which is dedicated to Chaplain Francis P Duffy  of New York’s U.S 69th Infantry Regiment, there is a statue of him located along with George M Cohan an American entertainer, playwright, composer, lyricist, actor, singer, dancer and theatrical producer.

Times Square is well connected by Bus, Subway service etc where you need to de-board at Times Square Subway Station, the trains connecting this place are 1, ​2, ​3​, 7, <7>​​, ​A​, ​C​, ​E​, N, ​Q, ​R, ​W​, and S trains at Times Square–42nd Street station and the bus routes include M7, M20, M42, M50 and M104. No matter what time of the day it is you can notice people doing their daily chores here. It is worth the visit to visit Times Square at night when you can notice huge billboards are lit up brightly and is worth taking photographs or video. You can take photographs and videos however due to the crowd be prepared to have some photobombs.

If you visit Times Square you should not miss its musicals, broadways which it has been known from the beginning. The Broadways here show some quality shows such as The Lion King, Les Miserables, Mary Poppins, Spider-Man etc. However, the shows keep changing. You can always buy tickets at TKTS booth where they offer day performance ticket at a discounted price. Else you can view Comedy Shows, visit huge movie theatres by The Regal and AMC Empire 25 where you can view the latest movies in IMAX 3D screens. Or you can visit Madame Tussauds here at Times Square.

You can spend your day shopping at MAC Cosmetics, Levi Store, Aeropostale, Forever 21 stores out of the many stores. Kids can enjoy their visit at Disney Stores, Hershey’s Store, M&M stores etc. With a majority of Dining place located here, you can choose to visit Hard Rock Cafe, Red Lobster, Bubba Gump or The View which offers 360-degree view of Times Square and is located on 45th Street, 7th Avenue.

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