As a travel Blogger, I have been travelling most of the time both on job and vacations as well. There is always one thing which i do before my travel is checklist of items I need to carry during my travel and I used to miss out Travel insurance as an item as the seriousness of Travel insurance wasn’t there.

So I decided to do some research on it and understand the real need of it and how integral can it be for travel. It can be very confusing for new travelers to figure it all out. Finally do we really need it?

I have asked many of my traveller friends and everyone says its better be a prepared rather than to be sorry.

One of my friends, Aroon, when he shared his experience, it made me realize, it would be a mistake to not take insurance. His bags were misplaced by the airlines and when he contacted them, he was told that it will take a minimum of three days for his bags to reach him. In such a case, he had no other option but to buy new clothes and other important things for those days. Being abroad, it cost him much more but as he had insurance, he was able to claim his delayed baggage allowance which was a relief.

It made me realize – unexpected things can happen and its better for us to be ready for any untoward incidences. Despite your best laid plans and preventive measures for insurance. If you have some medical ailment while travelling or some unforeseen incidences. These things can happen and could cost lots of money. Without insurance, you’re on a risk zone.

The term ‘travel insurance’ is commonly used to describe an insurance which helps you while you are travelling. As the premise of the term goes, travel insurance includes everything, health, medical, trip cancellation, baggage allowance. However, I always prefer to know what coverage a policy includes, because it would help me in identifying the coverages offered.

While discussing this, one of my friends whatsapped me this image Here are the Top 10 reasons to buy International Travel Insurance.


This helped me take an instantaneous decision.

I was happy to know that insurance companies like ICICI Lombard offer an array of travel insurance packages and are customized to locations

So, I would say Travel insurance should be an mandatory document just like your VISA, your gateway to safe travel, even for countries where you don’t need it as compulsion.

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