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Yilan is a county in northeastern Taiwan. Facing out to the sea and surrounded by three mountains. Yilan County has a unique culture and lifestyle. In Yilan County, there is the “Hsuehshan Tunnel,” the second longest in Asia. This allows travel from Yilan County to Taipei County in less than 50 minutes and from the environment and hot/cold springs. Highlights are abundance of marine resources and lush greenery. Travel to Yilan County to experience beautiful and magnificent scenery. Forget the chaos of the outside world.

The Land of Sacred Trees

Amongst Yilan’s diverse arboreal attractions, the Qilan Sacred Trees Garden is one of the unique. The garden is home to a hundred indigenous trees over a millennium old, including Formosan red false cypresses and Taiwan hinoki false cypresses. Every tree is named after a prominent person contemporary with the birth year of the tree, adding a note of historical interest for visitors.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Surrounded by submarine hot springs that gush steam all year round, Guishan Island is a rare sight in the Pacific. The sea area here is a beloved haunt for whales and dolphins. The dolphins can often be seen leaping and twirling above the water in groups like ballet dancers, doing a spectacle far different from what one sees at marine parks.

Hot and Cold Springs

Yilan is known as the Rainwater Hometown, due to abundant in groundwater sources. For a relaxing hot spring soak, visitors to Yilan County can choose between the lowland hot springs of Jiaoxi Township and the carbonic acid cold springs in Su’ao Township, one of only two cold springs in Southeast Asia. The clear and tasteless spring water pampers your skin and embraces you, body and mind, in a world of relaxation. Suao Cold Spring and Jiaoxi Hot Spring are two treasures hidden deep in the border of Yilan County. I hope everyone can cherish this rare natural treasure.

Twilight Snacking at Night Market

Taiwan had plenty of great snacks, from soy-marinated foods and oyster omelets to stuffed starch ball desserts and wide variety of Chinese soups. All of these tasty dishes and more can be enjoyed at the Luodong Night Market and Yilan Night Market. There are also plenty of shops here selling inexpensive clothes and shoes.

Visit Fushan Botanical Garden

If you want to take the road to intellectual tourism in Yilan, Fukuyama Botanical Garden will be your best choice! The botanical garden is located in the state-owned forest area at the junction of Yuanshan Township, Yilan County. Botanic gardens in the mountains with lush native vegetation. The resident for badgers and boars! Since 1986, a Fukuyama Experimental Forest with abundant natural resources has been set up in the mountains of the border between Taipei and Yilan County.

The Fukuyama Plant Specimen Garden is located in the park, which can be used for multi-purpose use of the forest to implement the functions of environmental education, resource conservation, and forest recreation. The park is also rich in bird ecology for viewing and research. It is a botanical garden with both educational and recreational features.

Taipingshan Recreation Area

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Taiping Mountain is located in the Datong Township, with an elevation of 1950 meters. The four seasons often cover clouds and fog, like the Silver Sea.  Because of solitary loneliness among the peaks, the mountain is majestic and beautiful. When the weather is sunny, you can see the peaks of Taoshan, Dabiao Shenglan, and Nanhu Mountains. The hills are a pleasant reprieve from the heat below! Make sure to check out the Cui Feng Lake; it’s much more worthwhile than the mountain itself. There are more hikes by the lake, and it’s undoubtedly beautiful, serene and so calm! The sea of clouds is dreamlike!

Wufengchi Waterfall

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This is a gorgeous waterfall not to be missed! For the famous scenic spot of Jiaoxi Township in Yilan County, the waterfall is located in front of five steep peaks, hence the name “Fengfengqi Waterfall.” The 100-meter-long waterfall is divided into three levels. There is a proper trail for a hike to the top. However, the level 1 was closed for safety reason. There is also a Catholic church on top of the hill. Peanut Ice Cream– one of the must-try snacks in this area. Worth a visit if you are in this area.

Luodong Sports Park


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Luodong Sports Park is lovely that has excellent views all around the park! The park is vast, and you can easily spend an hour just walking and admiring the views there. It is also easily accessible via the free Luodong shuttle bus. The Luodong Sports Park, which covers an area of ​​47 hectares and five car parks, was formally opened in the year 85. It is mainly sports facilities, including swimming pools, football fields, track and field, basketball courts, slides, croquet, nets, stadium, lawn bowling, etc. Definitely worth the trip, even worth going all the way there from Taipei.

Lanyang Museum

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The Lanyang Museum is located on the site of Wushi (Literally, Black Rock) Port which during the Qing Dynasty bristled with the masts of the vessels coming and going. Rich in both natural and cultural resources, the Lanyang Plains are characterized by ecological and ethnic diversity, warm and friendly people, and vibrant culture. The Lanyang Museum’s mission is to bring together Yilan’s local resources through books and displays as well as tourism and recreation to promote activities of museums throughout the county to ensure the sustained development of “The Museum that is Yilan.”

Yilan Zhaoying Temple

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This temple has long been a social and religious center for the local people in Yilan County. The temple is devoted to Mazu, Goddess of the Sea. It was originally built traditionally, facing the east and the sea to secure the protection of the goddess for local fishers; but it was moved to a new site and expanded in 1834, a project which left it facing the mountains.

Tiangong Temple, Dali


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The origin name of Dali Tiangong Temple is Qingyun Temple. It locates at the side of the sea highroad in the village of Dali Township in Yilan. The chief God is the God of the jade emperor (Sky God) worshiped from the Fuzhou. Because the people in the village wanted a spiritual center for carrying on the soul during 1836 (the Tao Year of sixteenth), then they had a mind of building the temple. The scenery is extraordinary and beautiful. Many tourists come to pick the shell at the coast. There is a pathway near the temple forwarding to the back of the mountain. The back of the temple is the exit of the Caoling Historic Trail.

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