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Vijayawada the city that is located on the banks of Krishna River, in Krishna District. It is the second-largest city in the state by population and is classified Y-Grade city by Sixth central pay commission. It is one of ISO 37120 platinum-certified city and one among the list of Global Cities Registry. Bezawada which was its previous name was founded around 626AD by Paricchedi Kings and has been under the influence of various other dynasties. We can notice the inscription at the foot of Indrakeeladri Hills which has been issued by the Yudhamalla and Eastern Chalukyas period having written in the Telugu language. In the 16th century, the city came under the reign of the Golconda Sultanate. It was during this reign, Diamond mines were found near banks of Krishna River and Vijayawada has prospered and is currently one of tourist destination due to its history and culture. #MT recommends some of the places to visit while you want to explore the beautiful city of Vijayawada.
1) Kanaka Durga Temple
Dedicated to the goddess Durga, the Kanaka Durga temple is one of the oldest and most sacred places in Vijayawada. The temple is situated on the top of Indrakeeladri Hills where it is mentioned that Goddess Durga made this place her permanent abode after Sage Indirakila made severe penance to keep vigil of the city against demons.
It is said that this was the place where goddess Durga killed the wicked demon Mahisashura freeing the people of Vijayawada against the demon. Built-in Dravidian Style of architecture, Kanaka Durga Temple is mentioned in various sacred texts and literature. People visit this temple during the holy days of Navrathri to worship this powerful goddess.
2) Mogalarajapuram Caves
  Mogalarajapuram Caves in Vijayawada are one of the caves that are centrally protected national importance. The Caves has 5 rock-cut sanctuaries which date back to 5th Century AD and has statues of Nataraja, Ganesha and the temple has Ardhanarishwara statue which is one of the oldest statues in South India. The second cave has overhanging artificial windows which make us question how our ancestors had carved the rocks and created statues and cut the rock making it a marvelous structure that can be visited till date.
3) Prakasam Barrage
  One of the largest barrages in Asia is Prakasam Barrage located in Vijayawada stretches across 1.2km across the River Krishna. The barrage connects Krishna and Guntur district of Andra Pradesh and is one of the most beautiful structures to visit in the city. At night the lighting across the bridge gives a bespectacled look which is photographic and mesmerizing man-made architecture. The idea of constructing the dam was planned in 1798 and the construction of the dam began in the year 1852 after the allocated funds were approved, the construction of the dam was completed in the year 1855. Later under the State Government, a bridge was constructed and was completed in the year 1957 and was named Tanguturi Prakasam who was the first chief minister of Andra Pradesh. A walk across this barrage with River Krishna flowing and a cool breeze makes a perfect stroll in the evening. Due to Prakasam Barrage, Andra Pradesh has rich agriculture and it owes due to this barrage.
4) Bhavani Island
One of the largest river Island in India at an area size of 133acres, Bhavani Island is situated at the upstream of Prakasam barrage. Named after goddess Durga who has Kanaka Durga Temple situated near to the river where the deity is also known as Bhavani. Andra Pradesh Tourism board has taken initiatives to develop this place as a tourist spot and you can notice many water-based adventures like water-skiing, parasailing, kayaking or snoozing at the hammocks placed here. You can also stay at the resort and enjoy your day spending at this Island with views of River and Indirakila hills.
5) Victoria Museum
Located in Bandar road, Victoria Museum comes under Archaeological Museums of India which has a rare collection of sculptures, idols, inscriptions, paintings, cutlery, and weaponry. With its historical collection, you will find the museum amusing by the sculptures of the past and also there is a huge Buddha statue which you notice here and the statue is made of White Marble and was bought in from Alluru. Apart from the Buddha Statue, an idol of Lord Shiva which dates back to 4-5th Century AD is one of the main attractions of the museum. The museum is easily accessible and the entry to the museum is free of cost.
6) VMC Disney Land
For the adventure lovers, Vijayawada never fails as there is VMC Disney Land, one of the most popular and largest waterparks situated in Ajit Sagar Nagar. There is a separate pool for kids and adults along with many water-based activities such as thrilling rides, aqua dancing, wave pools, etc. We might notice many localities visiting this water park as it is their favorite hangout place. Entry fee for adults would be 100INR for adults and 50INR for children.
7) Haailand
    A well-known waterpark situated outskirts of the City is Haailand. Catering to all ages, this waterpark is full of excitement, rides, and unlimited fun. With number of wet and dry rides, you would be enjoying your day with attractions such as Lazy River, Wave Pool, Rain Dance, Carousel, Ghost Hunter, Bungee jump, 5D theatre, Lazer show and many more. Open from 10:00-18:30 on weekdays and 10:00-19:30 on weekends (Tuesday being maintenance day) entry to the water park varies depending on the package. Mega fun costs 500INR on weekdays and 550INR of weekends/festivals. Royal Fun costs 650INR on weekdays and 700INR on weekends/festivals and lastly Fun majestic costs 850INR on weekdays and 900INR on weekends/festivals. As this waterpark is situated nearby to Guntur district, you can notice people coming here from Vijayawada, Guntur and many other surrounding places.
8) Hazrat Bal Mosque
The beautiful white structure of Hazarat Bal Mosque is a sight to sore eyes, situated in Vijayawada. Irrespective of caste or creed, this mosque can be visited by everyone. The specialty of this mosque is that it is one of the rare mosques which houses relics of Prophet Mohammed which every year they display and it is said that witnessing these relics will help you to get rid of all the sins and bad omens in ones’ life. Open from 09:30-17:30 hrs, the mosque has no entry fee and is one of the must-visit place in Vijayawada especially when they display relics of Prophet Mohammed.
9) Undavalli Caves
A classic example of Indian Rock-cut architecture on Monolithic caves is Undavalli Caves. Located in the city of Guntur, these caves date back to 4th-5th century AD. This cave has importance in Jain and Hindu as this attraction was originally Jain caves which later was converted into Hindu Temple. One of the earliest examples of Gupta architecture, Undavalli Caves has marvelous rock-cut structures which leave you in awe wherever you notice the carvings. From the outside, Undavalli Caves look like a row of cells however it is a 3 storey carvings where 1 level has Jain abode with Thirthankara Sculptures, the second level has a reclining statue of Lord Vishnu and the third level has sculptures of elephants, lions which are mesmerizing. A view from the top of the hill is breath-taking with lush greenery and river Krishna flowing adjacent to the caves. Tourists can also take a boat ride along the river to experience this beautiful view.
10) Kondapalli Fort
This marvelous 14th Century fort located in Kondapalli Village of Guntur district is rich in history. With the breathtaking view of the city, the Kondapalli fort was built by Musunuri Nayaks. It served for military purposes during the British era and also an important place for recreation, trade, and business. The entrance to this fort,

Dargah Khawaja is carved out of a single boulder of granite. There is also Golconda Darwaja, Dargah of Gareeb Saheeb and Tanisha Mahal which are some of the places to be visited during your exploration of the fort. At the top of the fort, you should never miss noticing the beautiful view of Kondapalli Village. Also, this village is known for Kondapalli dolls which you can purchase on your visit and you can take these dolls as souvenirs. The fort is open from 10:00-17:00 hrs and the entry fee is 5INR for adults and 3INR for children.

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