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Things to do in Tokyo in Japan

Japan’s capital Tokyo is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Officially called Tokyo Metropolis, the city has over 13 million residents which make this one of the populous places in Japan.  Being the capital city we can notice how the city has embraced foreign tourists and is one of the ever-busy lanes and this brings tourists to like the city. Even though we can notice much hustle that the city generates it is to be noted how the Japanese follow timings and are punctual in spite of this daily commotion.

If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time and want to explore this amazing city we recommend some of the must-visit places here.

  • Tokyo Skytree:Tokyo Skytree is one of the largest towers in Japan and the second largest tower in the world after Burj Khalifa. It is a broadcast and observation tower located in Sumida, Tokyo. It became the tallest structure in Japan in the year 2010 with its full height being 634 meters.

Tokyo skytree is currently the primary television and radio broadcast site as the old Tokyo tower due to its surrounding high rise buildings is not capable of providing TV broadcast service. Skytree was completed on 29th February 2012 and open to the public on 22nd May 2012. Tokyo Skytree is owned by Tobu Railway and nearby train stations to visit Tokyo Skytree include Tokyo Skytree Station and nearby Oshiage Station.

  • Zojo-Ji: Zojo-Ji is Shuei a disciple of Kukai is said to be the forerunner of Zozo-Ji. Kukai founded a temple of
    named Komyo-Ji located at Kojimachi in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Around 1393 during the ruling period of Muromachi Period, Yuyo Shoso who is a founding member of the present-day temple had converted the temple into a Jodo school.

Zojo Ji is located in Minato region. There is a Shiba park built around the temple, you can notice Tokyo Tower located nearby to the temple. In the year 2015, treasure gallery was opened at Daiden which currently has paintings of Kanō Kazunobu and a model of the Taitoku-in Mausoleum. There is no entrance fee to enter the temple Treasure Museum you need to buy tickets worth around 7US$.

  • Meiji-Jingu: Meiji Shrine or popularly known as Meiji-Jingu is one of the most important Shinto Shrine in Tokyo, Japan. It is Japan’s most important shrine and is the most visited religious sites. On a typical day, you can notice there would be over a million visitors and this religious site is hugely popular for weddings. The religious site is located in Shibuya and is close to Tokyo Times Square, Harajuku Cosplay and Omotesando ‘Fifth Avenue’ Shopping. There is lush greenery located near to the temple which is a perfect place to stroll and away from the buzz that Tokyo Times Square offers.
  • Nijubashi Bridge: Nijubashi Bridge is one of Japan’s famous bridges located in Tokyo. Nijubashi means double bridge. It is a bridge that is called collectively as Nijubashi, however, it consists of two bridges namely Seimon Ishibashi and Seimon Tetsubashi. Seimon Ishibashi is the bridge that connects to the National Garden. When these two bridges looked upfront looks like one bridge hence the name Nijubashi. These bridges connect to the Imperial Palace where the Seimon Ishibashi is a stone bridge and Seimon Tetsubashi is the iron bridge that is constructed.
  • Imperial Palace: One of the hardest to get into is the Imperial Palace. As it is a home for Emperor of Japan for security purpose this place is where you can find minimal tourists. To enter into Imperial Palace one needs to put in your application several weeks in advance and after all scrutinizing you will be allowed for a tour of Imperial Palace, although in the tour, not all the places will be covered you would be happy to say that you were one of the lucky tourists to at least enter the gates of Imperial Palace.
  • Ginza: This one is for all the shoppers who love to shop from the places they visit. Ginza is one of the places where you can shop till you drop. Ginza is an upscale shopping district located in Tokyo which has outlets of many known brands such as H&M, Dior, Armani, Cartier etc. You can find many stores that even sell local items such as incense sticks, charcoal-infused beauty products etc. You can find many Hello Kitty products here on your visit toGinza. Ginza also has many art galleries and high rated restaurants. Home to many Michelin-star rated restaurants you can have some amazing food, explore the art and shop here.
  • Robot Restaurant Show: Located in Shinjuku a famous area in Kabuchiko they offer spectacular shows all day long. The Robot Restaurant is the brainchild of Namie Osawa. First opened in 2012, this place of attraction is visited by hundreds of visitors every day. The performers of Robot Restaurant are dressed in attractive costumes. It is to be noted that the performers rehearse each day and it is thought and executed brilliantly. The showtime is around 90 minutes where you would witness of various acts from dancers, robotic costume artists, drummers, warriors etc and there would be a short break between the shows.
  • Tokyo National Museum:
    Learning about the history of the nation is enthralling and you can know the same about Japan at the Tokyo National Museum. Housing over 110,000+ pieces of art and artefacts, these arts and artefacts have a vast history of the nation of Japan. You can stroll through the museum and find armour, swords, pottery, calligraphic writings, paintings, kimono etc. The museum also has some of the important cultural properties of old scrolls etc. One needs to visit this museum to get to know more about the History of Japan.


  • National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation:Being one of the most developed nations, Japan has the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation that is commonly referred to as Miraikan. This high-tech museum has many options for exciting interactive displays, robots, high-tech gadgets etc. On your entry do not miss to visit ASIMO robot location; ASIMO is a robot that can run, play etc. It is developed by HONDA and is one of the most famous showcase here at the museum. It is open from 10:00-17:00hrs, admission includes around 6US$ for adults and 2US$ for 18 and younger people.
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