Siem Reap is becoming one of the best exotic destinations to travel. Discover the hidden gem of Cambodia. Siem Reap revisited year after year by thousands of tourists attracted by the beauty, history, and majesty of the Ruins of Angkor Temples. Siem Reap also offers a variety of corners that are also worth knowing. What to do in Siem Reap in 2 days or 48 hours.

Here are seven things you should do in Siem Reap:

  1. Walk among the temples of Angkor Wat!

Angkor Wat – Undisputedly the largest religious building in the world is truly breathtaking.

Note: Only 50 people at one time allowed up, waits are not too long, and it is worth the short wait.

There is no different order to explore the rich array of temples of Angkor Wat (very close to Siem Riep), but they can be visited in a certain order to avoid crowds of tourists. It starts at dawn because the view is majestic. Stand in a corner outside the temple, or inside its famous lake if you want to capture its fascinating skies (from this point you take the photo of the reflection that everyone wants to take home).

List of Temples to visit:

Banteay Kdei Temple: About 500 meters down the road from Ta Prohm you will find Banteay Kdei. The Buddhist monastery built in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII. Similar in style to Ta Prohm although not of the same quality. It is well cleared and has undergone restoration in parts. It is a large rambling complex that you can wander around.

Ta Prohm Temple: (Now so famous with the Tomb Raider of Hollywood movie), you will find the famous Buddhist monastery Ta Prohm. Built in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII, in honor of his mother, this would have to be the most photographed temple complex after Angkor Wat.

Baphuon Temple: A few hundred meters north of Preah Ngok you will find the Baphuon. Built by King Udayadityavarman II in the 11th century it is the second oldest building in Angkor Thom. The Baphuon is a large single temple mountain built over five levels. This site will be truly magnificent once it is fully restored.

Bayon Temple: (The Giant of Four faces temple) The Bayon is easy to explore and is covered in towers that have a giant face carved on every side. Spend a bit of time with this one, plenty of up and down stairways inside and some beautiful alleyways and colonnades. Look for the Buddha statue with the seven-headed Naga. Throughout the site are many carved bas-reliefs depicting everything from battles to scenes of daily life!

  1. Visit temples outside the conventional temple circuit!

Those who want an extra time to explore temples should go straight to Banteay Srei and the Beng Mealea jungle, which is an hour away from the city. Those who are more adventurous can take a six-hour bike tour through villages, countryside and jungle villages along the way. Do not worry; you can also do this route on a tuk-tuk and not get exhausted back home. You will discover that there are more temples in the area of ​​Siem Reap beyond Angkor.

  1. Visit a floating village (Kampong Khleang)!

Tonle Sap Lake is Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake and richest fishing lake in the World. The Tonle Sap is a unique ecological hotspot. Many come here to marvel at the way of life of their fishermen, with their houses built on sturdy wooden pillars, and with villages that live on the trade that attracts the waterways to which they are connected.

  1. Explore the hidden Pub Street!

During the day, the main streets of central Siem Reap are filled with people who live in their cafes and markets. The Central Cafe is highly recommended to spend a day of gossip between cups. At night, neon lights point the way to a frenetic mix of Khmer and Western restaurants. The Red Piano serves one of the best Khmer curries in town, and the sound of the bars will take you to gambling halls like the Temple, the Angkor What? And the X Bar.

  1. Pedaling around the City!

Almost all hotels and guest houses have bike rental service for days, and there is no better way to explore Siem Reap than by bike without having a route drawn. The best thing to do is follow the riverbed that cuts through the city center and explores its many side streets. You will soon stumble upon local temples and the royal residence of the king of Cambodia.

  1. Watch the sunset in the countryside (Tonle Sap Lake) and Don’t Forget Boat Ride and Quad-Biking!

Siem Reap is surrounded by a multitude of rural landscapes that allow you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of this small city. And if the weather is good, you will get a first class view of a spectacular sunset, the likes of which you will never forget. Even if there isn’t a sunset, the magnificent & unique cloud linings that form above the great lake are always a spectacle to behold.

The boat ride through the floating village will allow you to see ordinary Cambodians going about their daily life. Fishermen, boat-makers, markets, schools, spirit houses and waving children are always in plentiful supply on this mesmerizing scenic route, and it is not uncommon for the scenery to provoke silence on the, as customers take in the sights and sounds that surround them.

The latest fashion adventure here is quad biking through dirty dirt roads, passing the endless canvas of green fields, and enjoying a sunset over the rice fields. Visit the Cambodian Buddhist monastery to see the real Cambodian monk who prominent living there.

  1. Buy at the Siem Reap Night Market!

During the day you will find bargains, and during the night you will be amazed by the size and a large number of items on the Siem Reap Night Market. It is two minutes’ walk from Pub Street and marked with the same style of neon lights. Angkor Night Market is Siem Reap’s most renowned shopping venue, housing over 200 bamboo huts selling a broad range of clothing and handicrafts.

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