Destination Sharjah

Things to do in #Sharjah that you can’t find anywhere else in the world

Sharjah is a lively and exciting city, with interesting artifacts and monuments located on every corner, reflecting perfect harmony between the past and the present.


1) Mleiha Archaeological Centre: Exploring and understanding human history through these archaeological sites was an absolute thrill. The Mleiha Archaeological Museum exhibits the rich heritage of the Emirate of Sharjah and the region. In the museum, the public can learn how the inhabitants of antiquity adapted to their environment, how they built their homes and manufactured the objects of daily use, what weapons they used and how they were decorated, what they ate and how they treated the subject of death.


2) Desert Activities: Choose Dune Bashing / Buggy Bashing / Camel Rides / Paragliding / Cycling. Desert Safari is also known as Dune Bashing. Embark on a desert safari. Dune bashing means to explore the sand dune in Desert. This included some fun dune bashing on the way to Fossil Rock. Don’t miss a royal desert experience. 


3) Drive to Stargazing: MacroTraveller would highly recommend visiting the centre for stargazing if you have got a child over 6 or so they would enjoy watching stars through a telescope while making all younger ones go to sleep! The experience taught me how to appreciate the night sky. To make the experience unforgettable, they had arranged an astronomer who told us about all the stars we could see that night. Also, I observed deep sky objects through a telescope with an expert. 

4) DinnerBBq at Mleiha: The dinner served and the ambience created with the Arabian chairs, music, and candles at the sunset lounge far exceeded my expectations. The great food and drinks were complemented by impeccable service and pleasant atmosphere. Great menu, exceptional ambience and very accommodating and knowledgeable hosts.

5) Overnight at Mleiha Camps: To have an authentic experience you can go for overnight camping, and sleeping in hammocks. Mleiha is a place where you can sleep there in the desert and have your tent, fire BBQ, privacy and a safe and secure place. The overall experience was educational and fascinating. Kudos to the team of Mleiha Archaeological Center for their hospitality and organized execution.


6) Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences: The Sharjah Center for Space and Astronomy is a different earth station that takes its visitors on a unique journey to a station that was mysterious in another world filled with mysteries in cosmic space, its proximity, its galaxies, and its meanings. The show is pleasant and will be of great interest to children who have already read about solar system and galaxies. There are several exhibits including a replica of Lunar landing module, a scale model of ISS, Ariane 5 rocket to name a few, which are enjoyable to watch.


7) Al Jubail Market: The Jubail market covers more than 37,000 square meters and is the largest market in the Middle East attracting thousands of shoppers every day. Built in the traditional Islamic style, the market houses nearly 400 shops selling fresh fish, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and plants. This engaging market is located between Corniche Road and Sharjah Creek near the Central Market. This beautiful and bustling market offers a variety of the freshest products in the city.


8) Al Majaz Water Front: Al Majaz Waterfront is located in the heart of the vibrant city of Sharjah, covering 231,000 square feet and features sweeping views of Khalid Lake. This spectacular leisure destination is characterized by stunning natural designs and landscapes that reflect the culture and history of the emirate of Sharjah in an exceptional atmosphere that invites visitors from different cultures to visit and explore. If you are a fan of refreshing water adventures, you can take a trip to Khalid Lake with electric water boats or traditional Sharjah boats that take you on a quiet cruise under the glittering stars of the Skydome in the evenings of Sharjah.








9) Lunch at Al Fanar Restaurant: The restaurant at Festival City serves traditional Emirati dishes at the tents, making it a favourite restaurant for locals and foreigners. You can taste some dishes, such as a meat saloon with dates (meat soup with dates), delicious lentil soup, roast squid (grilled squid), as well as biryani and kebabs. Experience the authentic Emirati atmosphere, enjoy a short break after a delicious meal, and watch the camels, goats, and trees in the area.

10) Shopping Experience at Central Souq: The Central Market, also known as the Sharjah Blue Market, is where, alongside high-quality carpet shops, some antiques are found at attractive prices. The first floor of the market is full of many carpet shops and antique dealers, and here you can bargain for good bargains. The market attracts visitors who want to shop in an atmosphere of elegance due to its rare architectural form. It is a real architectural masterpiece. The market attracts foreign tourist groups, especially those who wish to buy antiques, souvenirs, goldsmiths, and clothes.

11) Al Qasba: Al Qasba Sharjah is a unique water destination that occupies a prominent position within the best tourist spots in Sharjah. A unique, water-free waterfront destination on the banks of the canal is a range of restaurants, cafes, and shops. Located on the north bank is the 60-meter-high Emirates Eye Wheel to enjoy breathtaking views from all directions. You can see the musical fountain shows mixed with the beautiful lights and harmonized with the symphony of music and there are daily performances around the clock. You can also take your children to the Children’s Fun Corner, which is a great world of knowledge and excitement for children of all ages and includes many educational and entertainment games.  

12) Dinner at Shababeek: Shababik brings you a truly unique venue that blends traditional features of the Lebanese heritage with the flexibility of functional, modern-day restaurants. Try their refreshing signature drinks and aperitifs, exclusively available at Cocktail Bar. Savor the authentic taste of on-the-spot made Saj bread available at the Saj Corner in addition to their immediately oven-baked pitas.


13) Kalba Kingfisher Lodge: Kingfisher Lodge located in Kalba is all about incredible natural surroundings in a luxury environment. Kingfisher Lodge offers you a gateway to a unique world of conservation and culture, the only one of its kind in the UAE. Embracing its Arabian heritage and culture married with the hospitality standard of Mantis; you can expect a world-class experience. You can enjoy fascinating sports activities including kayaking and mountain biking in an eco-friendly environment whilst learning about this protected area of Kalba.

14) Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Center:  What a great source and inspiration for Emiratis and expatriates alike! An excellent collection of in-depth examples of local wildlife, located in an area where many of them will find their natural habitat. A huge variety of different species with notes and maps of intelligent and interesting dealing with their habitats and state of preservation and behaviour. The only minor drawback was the small area given to some species – wolves and hyenas deserved more space, such as leopard and antelope (but much better than similar prison conditions at the nearby Bird of Prey Center).


Very interesting and worthy of better publicity and more exposed to locals. Many interesting art installations are spread among highly informed animal science information interspersed with good care – for animal life. Interesting info about local rock art!

Destination Sharjah
Mleiha Archaeological Center, Sharjah, UAE | #MacroTraveller
Destination Sharjah
Explore Sharjah Museums | #MacroTraveller
Destination Sharjah
Things to do in #Sharjah that you can’t find anywhere else in the world- Part 2
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