Destination Sharjah

Things to do in #Sharjah that you can’t find anywhere else in the world- Part 2

15) Kalba, Birds of Prey Center:

Bedouin tribes in the Arabian Peninsula have a long tradition of hunting with birds of prey, and falconry is still a popular sport for today. The centre of Kalba offers birds of prey, flying freely, as well as bird owls, eagles, shahin and buttocks, and of course falcons. Watch birdwatchers at work during an hour-long show in the outdoor arena, which takes place twice a day, and you can see birds close-up during a backstage tour of the centre.

16) Khorfakkan Local Home Visit “Fatima + Lunch”:


The location of the city of Khorfakkan on the east coast of the UAE overlooking the Arabian Gulf and its magnificent mountain views on the famous Hajar Mountains made it one of the most important tourist destinations in the UAE.

17) Al Rufaisa Dam – Kayak Experience:


Sharjah’s east and west coasts offer exceptional opportunities for kayaking. Top spots include Al Khan Beach, Khorfakkan Beach and the mangroves of Khor Kalba. It was a great experience. The place is very peaceful, the dam between the mountains where you can rent kayaks. A beautiful place covered with mountains and a serene and peaceful tourist place in the United Arab Emirates. You can glide through crystal clear waters and spot marine life. Best to get to the place before 3 pm and stay sesame 5 or 6 pm. There are no shops available.

18) Al Noor Mosque:


Built in Ottoman style overlooking the Khalid Lake, the mosque is characterized by multi-dome, and the building is an architectural masterpiece for its beautiful inscriptions. The interior design is stunning and fascinating. The linear inscriptions of the verses of the Holy Quran, domes, arches and columns attract you. With a dreamy view of Khalid Lake, Al Nour Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Sharjah and the first to open its doors to non-Muslim visitors.

19) Al Noor Island and Butterfly House:


A charming island with its exceptional scenery and green gardens. Butterfly House is a sanctuary for more than 500 coloured butterflies, one of the most famous buildings in Sharjah. It features a golden roof of sunken steel that shines in the sunlight, and the place is spectacularly lit at night, creating ever-changing, spectacular displays of light and shadow within a temperature-controlled space. Visitors will be able to walk around the island through a 3.5-km walkway and stroll through its magnificent gardens, while the nightly luminosity gives visitors more vitality and inspiration.

20) Museum of Islamic Civilization:

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization has seven galleries divided into two floors. The galleries on the ground floor offer aspects of Islamic faith and the achievements of Arab scholars and philosophers. The top floor offers a historical overview of Islamic arts and crafts, including textiles and jewellery. Enjoy more than 5,000 pieces of ancient Islamic civilization in this stunning museum, set in a popular marketplace overlooking the waterfront.

21) Rain Room:


Random International has completed the Rain Room, a custom-made artwork that allows you to experience an immersive, continuous rain experience. Once the visitors have stepped into the room, they are directed to move cautiously through their intuition, through the darkened space of the substrate to prevent the pouring rain. As visitors roam the room, which consumes 1,200 litres of recycled, self-healing water, their movements trigger sensors that stop the rain when any movement is detected.

22) Art Foundation Spaces:


Sharjah Art Foundation builds on the pioneering role the Emirate of Sharjah has played in the artistic and cultural development of the Gulf region. Inspired by the cross-fertilization and rich cultural diversity of the Emirates, the Foundation provides both national and international leadership in the production and presentation of contemporary visual arts. The Sharjah Art Foundation is supported by the Department of Culture and Information, Government of Sharjah

23) Heart of Sharjah:


The first ancestral homes were built, where they were the homes of the great merchants. They were restored and restored to their former beauty as a rich heritage and artistic area. It is easy to spend a whole day in this area, wandering around discovering the rich art spaces and museums.

Souq Al Arsah: The oldest market in Sharjah and is considered one of the archaeological markets, as it is still retaining some of the walls and buildings used in the markets of previous eras. The market includes 70 shops that showcase the local products of the country, including handicrafts, jewellery, silverware, daggers and antiques, as well as perfume, incense, and handmade clothing.

Souq Al Shanasiyah: Built on the ruins of one of the oldest and most vibrant markets in the region, this beautifully refurbished market specializes in everything unique regional designers have created. In this market, you can find the best types of elegant modern furniture, household items, prayer beads in Arabic prayers, perfumes and oils, as well as high-quality clothing, including the detailed handkerchiefs and hand-made robes. You can recharge your energy and enjoy a coffee shop specializing in delicious Emirati cuisine at Al Sarood Heritage Restaurant.

24) Sahara Centre Mall: More than just a shopping mall, it offers an exciting experience and a great combination of shopping, dining and entertainment options. A closed indoor park with more than 20 entertainment and entertainment facilities for children, teenagers, and family, as well as the Kartz atmosphere and a huge gaming area. There is also a six-screen cinema featuring the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The Sahara Center offers some of the best shopping experiences in Sharjah. It has 350 well-known local and international brands, along with a large dining hall and more than 20 cafés and restaurants.

25) Almajaz Water Front – Dinner at Zahrellaymoune: The waterfront area has witnessed a remarkable development in recent years and is now one of the most important tourist attractions with many unique leisure facilities that attract family members. It has picturesque gardens and restaurants that offer a delicious experience of various types of food — the most important feature of Sharjah Fountain, which attracts a beautiful display mixed with music and water dancing a huge crowd of people during the evening.

26) Aquarium and Maritime Museum:


Immerse yourself in the colourful, vibrant and diverse underwater world, home to a great variety of marine life native to the seas of the region. With more than 250 species, there is much to see, from the smallest clownfish and delicate seahorses to moray eels, rays, and coral sharks. Take an underwater trip and discover all kinds of aquatic beings, from the largest aquatic creatures to the smallest marine life that we observe in rocky pools, coral reefs, lagoons, and mangroves.

Maritime Museum:


The sea has played a vital role in the development of Sharjah and was the main reason why the one that the first settlers chose this enclave more than 6000 years ago. In the museum, you can explore the dhows, the traditional wooden boats that are used for fishing, trade and pearl collection.

27) Flag Island with Lunch at Jones the Grocer:


Place mentioned above is not on google maps. Found it by exploring. Charming location to meet friends for a quiet lunch in a lovely area. Yachts, water, flowers, huge windows, beautiful couches outside on the verandah. The restaurant design, decor, and layout is open planned and takes full advantage of the view along the docks. Extensive menu, a variety of coffee and gorgeous cheese room. When you dine in for breakfast, the view is lovely, and the best part is cheese! Truffle cheeses, Yummy!

28) Sharjah Shooting Club:


Club facilities include the necessary equipment for shooting, such as pistols, shotguns and a range of high-tech German pistols. The targets are located 25 to 50 meters away. Specialized 22mm 16S shooting guns are approved. The club is keen to provide specialized trainers to ensure their safety, and the club offers training courses.

Destination Sharjah
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Destination Sharjah
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Destination Sharjah
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Destination Sharjah
Explore Sharjah Museums | #MacroTraveller
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